By bibobobonnor - 28/09/2010 04:40 - Canada

Today, my dad gave me a football signed by my favourite football player. It would've been great, except that I saw my dad sign it in front of me. The worst part is that he denies doing it. FML
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Haha, what a weirdo! :) sorry op, that sucks though.

at least he's trying. YDI for being a self. centered jerk.

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well u kno what u saw so just accept/appreciate the gift

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your dad is your favourite football player. deal with it.

Today, I found out that my father loves me. FML.

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#42 I know right? at least he cares.

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Gotta hate those fathers trying to do nice things for their children, the bastards!

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That's hilarious:). Three cheers for dads with a sense of humour!!

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Dude f*** you! at least he was trying to do something nice for you. so you should just cherish it like it was signed by your fav. player and keep it just to remember the love your father has for you ps. your a dick pps. that's right everyone I have a soul

Does having genuine signature have to do anything with how you will make use of the football? Just take the ball and play

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Hopefully he didn't sign it as Ben Roethlisberger. If he did, then your mom could be in trouble!

WIN. High five for watching Hannah Montana! =D

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I wouldn't really say it an fml.. just suck it up or take it as a joke

I know, right? It's not like OP is gonna try to sell it, so he should just let it go.

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he tried so pretend for his sake u didnt see him :)

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BAHAHAHAHAHAH thats really wierdd....but funny. hahahahahahahaha

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haha awe he was just tryin to make it special :) why do you gotta ruin the gift by sayin something lol if he says he got it signed then he got it signed :) one way or another, but who needs all the details lol

just give him a present of the same style during father's day, simple..