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By  HSOMGF  |  5

@ #9-Parents are obligated to feed their children and provide a roof over their heads. It does not justify stealing. It's too bad Santa couldn't bring OP a new family for Christmas.

  Kenetic  |  0

That 500 dollars could have gone a long way towards helping him buy a computer, any computer, and could get him a decent laptop too. My mom used to do this kind of shit too till I yelled at her and threatened to move out. Being the scared person she is, she stopped taking my cash. Just confront your parents about it, just because they're your parents doesn't mean it's ok for them to take money from you that wasn't given to you by them.

  jewban  |  3

62 that's not why poor people have lots of children. they usually have lots of children either because they have unprotected sex or they have a lot of children so the child can work and give money for the family.

  aliaskis  |  3

There are all sorts of reasons poor people have more children on average. Less access to contraceptives, less education about how much children can cost to raise, wanting a base of stability to support them when they are elderly (mostly in developing nations). Or they might just be irresponsible. It's a cycle that is unlikely to change, though there has been a substantial drop in teenage pregnancies in the last few years. We are at the lowest % of teen pregnancy that we have been in the 70 years they have been keeping track.

  SpinozaQ  |  2

teen pregnancy is not at an all time low in the US. It has been increasing steadily since Bush created abstinence only sex education funding mandates.

  hasards  |  8

If they'd spent it on food or to pay the rent or something, I could understand that. Taking money from your own children without permission or good reason, however, is just wrong.

  iSitt  |  0

in this decade, having a computer is as important as food and utilities. If your family doesn't have one then you all have to chip in. They should have asked you for it first.

but now how can you afford Internet

By  attatood  |  7

So I guess they just bought you a computer... with your money. Sucks!... unless of course you wanted a computer but then you could have bought your own :(

  NrdGrl42  |  0

none of u know what urtalking about...
OP's parents didnt get him or her anything for xmas - shitty
Now, OP must have known, or later found out his or her grandparents were giving them money for a computer. OP's parents were scumbags and took it for themselves.

there is no way that the post could be read more than one way. and clearly OP has the story straight

  iJasper  |  8

I know right? My mother stole my $300 for the operation my dog, and used it to buy a new phone for herself. She said that since she is my mother I 'have to give her money for everything she has bought for me' and that 'dogs are useless animals and don't need to have an operation on him.' >.> My dog got run over by a kid on a bike and sufferred extreme blood loss. We had to put him down :'(

By  mintcar  |  9

That sucks, and I'm sorry they stole from you. But they're your parents. They've fed you and pretty much put a roof over your head for years.

Anyways, it still sucks FYL.

  sydneydallas  |  5

You were pretty much saying that it was okay for the parents to take the money... which it wasn't. You don't owe your parents anything for giving you food and shelter... it's their jobs as parents to provide that.

  ReDsKiNsMaN  |  0

yeah no if they took my money i'd be like hey who cares if you feed my your fault I'm here then tale they key and be like my car now so teaches you to take my cash so what I'm tryin to say is they shouldn't have done it and he should get back at them

  TXjuggalo972  |  6

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By  HSOMGF  |  5

@ #9-Parents are obligated to feed their children and provide a roof over their heads. It does not justify stealing. It's too bad Santa couldn't bring OP a new family for Christmas.