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Looking for another one!

Today, I finally got a Christmas gift, a calligraphy set, for my father that I have been looking for for a month. My dad came home happily with the same calligraphy set today, saying that he surprised himself for Christmas. He got it cheaper than me. FML
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By  Sam Fisher  |  13

Revenge Plot

1. Return it
2. Get money back
3. Find out what he got you
4. Use the money you just got back to buy the same thing he got you
5. Come home holding it in your hands, happily saying you decided to surprise yourself

By  bluejello2001  |  17

This is exactly why both my brother and my dad are *forbidden* to buy themselves anything after mid-November. They have a habit of buying exactly what someone else bought them as a Christmas gift.

By  ScottishSteak  |  3

I can understand the FML point, but it's still a kind gesture. If it's worth giving, he'll appreciate it. Besides, he has spares.
Can't go wrong with spares for any sort of crafting, Calligraphy included.

By  Sinshine  |  27

If your family gives Christmas presents to reach other, buying things for yourself right before Christmas is a really bad idea for exactly this reason. Sorry your present got ruined, OP.