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Today, I met the man of my dreams. Beautiful, smart, academic, charming, a true gentlemen, totally my type. I am at a bar voted "the best gay bar in the world". FML
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Why would you go to the gay bar looking for guys? Doesn't make much sense.

schwancy 2

Easy fix. Just become a man.


never fails....the gay ones are always the perfect

wait, so is op a girl? cuz if not, I don't see the FML...

I'd say yea 10 from assumption that it's the only way it makes sense.

what if he's not gay? he just went in to get some drinks and was like "whoa those guys are so drunk they're kissing each other... wait a second. it seems everbody's so drunk they're kissing each other. hmmmm..."

cantfightfate 0

well why are you trying to pick up men in a gay bar? that's your first mistake..

why did my comment get moderated???

I have no idea sok I didn't see anything wrong with it..

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oh dont worry. no one is REALLYYY gay. its just for attentiom.

that must be saddening.. let's keep looking :)

iicaptain I love all your doggy pics :)

#23 I guess they thought it was just too obvious the OP is a girl, otherwise this wouldn't be a FML but a My Life is Great! Therefore your comment was superfluous and in the same category as 'first'. Just my thoughts:)

at #7, for real. D: the hot ones are always gay. and yes, im a girl. 

haha you should dress up as a guy and hit on him

EvilDave 13

@ #7 that is because women don't want men. Women want to date something that dresses and acts like a woman but has a penis and will act like a man on demand, but not a verbal command, but rather, this thing is telepathic and knows exactly what they want and when they want it.

Themistocles_fml 0

Most people don't get this FML. Idiots.

tylerlove 0

no there are gay people stupid ass... you are just trying to get attention

oh no you don't. you women don't get to keep playing that card. there's a straight guy just like this description in every girl's life. she usually calls him her "best friend". because of that he doesn't stand a chance and it's all her fault. I think most women forget that friend is a big part of boyfriend, and more importantly, husband. y d i

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well strap one on and give it to him.

59 - you make a good point, for the most part. But you can't help if you see someone who has all the qualities to be your perfect match, as just a friend. When it's there, it's there. When it's not, it's not. That's just how it is.

duckie227 22

if he's gay he's not your type?

Eh, you only think he's perfect cuz you know nothing about him. You will find the perfect guy, and he will be straight. Don't stress :)

samanthadude 0

#59 - That usually is the case. But, how exactly do you bring yourself to be attracted to someone who you consider a close friend?

MrCalves 1

Isn't it a bit redundant to put "academic" after "smart"?

59-exactly. I'm stuck in the situation right now. And all of my girl friends that are single tell me what they're lookin for in a guy and I tell them they have friends exactly like that. So stupid...

If you noticed there us no sex status on this fml. maybe hes gay and thee fact that he is is actually the fml.

just a thought... but then the situation wouldnt be so bad for him

maybe they ARE gay, and the FML is that they haven't come out, or none of their family is accepting it..

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

85, & that other ''women don't get to play that card'' Guy, it doesn't mean they wanna date you. maybe you have all those qualities & they're just not attracted to you... it's not stupid. people can't help who they're attracted to. they don't HAVE to date YOU. You people need to understand that all the right qualities does NOT necessarily equal attraction. Even if the person is really good looking, that still doesn't equal attraction. It's not rocket science. Stuck in the friend zone? Find another chick & quit your whining. That goes for everyone. You can't force someone to like you.

thedeepthinker 0

@ #50 How true. Some women want men who will give them money, kiss their royal ass, and be obedient as a puppy so they can control them like they control 5-year-olds. Those women tend to seek out homosexuals, either consciously or subconsciously.

GenieBeanie777 0

hehe you need to tan your bum!! it's peeking out and it's very bright lol 

93- what about when said girl will make out with you and say she loves you but won't date you?

totall agree with #50 Or a lot of them expect their BFs to treat them like they are princesses yet don't realise it works both ways.

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

103, then yeah, that's another story, bud. fyl if that's the case :/

twinny_sc 13

He could always become your gay best friend, and his gay-dar will come in handy in future situations like these!

the perfrct ones are always gay & the hot straight ones are always taken

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is a FML cuz ur a woman or cuz ur gay?

why would a straight person go to a gay bar?

Allway remember; They are perfect if they aren't gay!

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#50 you have it all figured out

MeAlec 1

93 sure you can look at Tom crusie and Katie holmes

Invierno 10

You got it! Think you're up to it? haha Joking. :P

64, 85 and Jack daniels pic guy, I believe "beautiful" was part of the description, with which a reasonable assumption can be made that said person is attractive. ps - 64 is gorgeous, whomever she is lol

wow never thought of it that way #50. maybe you're partially wrong

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17/24: A girl going to a gay bar and hitting on guys because "they might be straight" is like a girl going to a ladies night and hitting on other girls because "they might be in drag." Sure, it could happen, but to expect or hope it to is a bit silly. 59: AGREED. My motto is: "Nice guys finish first," and I hooked a great one! ;) I don't understand why so many of my awesome guy friends are single and looking, while so many of my girl friends are unhappily dating assholes. :/

84: smart: capable of independent and apparently intellegent action; showing mental alertness, resoucefulness, and calculation academic (adj) to do with learning, study, education or teaching; theoretical rather than practical; [said of a person:] fond of or having an aptitude for intellectual pursuits Basically, academics are bookish. It's being smart in a specific way. Using both adjectives isn't redundant here because "smart" conveys a more general intellegence on top of the specific type. A similar example would be: "He's creative, [...] and writes music." One includes the other, but the other is notable enough to mention as well.

I think the OP was just venting about her shitty luck, I don't think she ever thought she could get with him

a bit off topic but it's funny how chicks r always like " this guy I met is soo cute, funny, nice, sexy and passionate" 2 months later they bitch and moan how much of an asshole he is... just saying

I agree #59 but guys do that with girls too.

jearojas 4

why would you go to a gay bar, if you're not gay?

StopTheFuckinCar_fml 0

182, we weren't talking about OP. I never disputed the fact that OP was attracted to the guy. I'm saying that your excuse that 'girls don't get to play that card' doesn't mean anything b/c other women who know guys w/ those qualities may not be attracted to them. beauty doesn't equal attraction in any case. your point is invalid. sometimes I've seen a beautiful chick that did nothing for me whereas the cute girl turned me on more than the beautiful one... some of you don't get what attraction means.

248: I like this. you got it just right. I like this.

When I was single, I used to go with my best gay mate to gay bars.... I had so much fun in the gay bar because the gay guys would compliment us girls when we looked good & make us feel like the prettiest ever, and you knew it was sincere & not some crass attempt to get inside your pants (as in underwear)...also there are less sleazebags than in a regular club...You can really let your hair down, as it were... It was great because I wasn't the only straight one there & my best mate & I fancied the same he would go chat to them...if they were straight, I'd move in on them, if they were gay, they were for him...or sometimes I would go chat......oh, and the bar staff at the ones I went to used to have a "uniform" which consisted of a pair of boxer shorts - & nice muscled tanned torsos - yum!!!! Let's hear it for the gay bars!!!! :-)

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87-The author says v so it's a lady v-lady part p-MANkind

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haha omg why do gay guys have 2 be so perfect. ?? lol jks but some of em r hott OP lol FYL

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become great friends with him, who knows, maybe he will give ya a sympathy ****!

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Why would you go to the gay bar looking for guys? Doesn't make much sense.

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I'm guessing she went with her friends and happened to meet her prince charming there.

dude.... bisexuals. pansexuals.... are you forgetting them...?

sexisbad 1

the best men in life are gay.

datkid117 13

You met a guy at a gay bar and didn't expect him to be gay? Keep dreaming OP.....

schwancy 2

Easy fix. Just become a man.

Wouldn't that technically be the same thing? o.O

But what if the guy is a bottom and suspects to have a hunk of meat shoved inside him? It'll be like slapping her pussy against his ass

Bruce became Caitlyn. I'm sure it's not that difficult to attach a penis. After all Kanye west did it.

girls don't go to gay bars looking for a man. in fact they go to avoid unwanted male attention (cheesy pick up lines, boob staring, etc)

EvilDave 13

Then they should stay home and knit or quilt or watch soap operas or something.

Silly 185, there are lots of social nknitting circles! ;)

boob staring happens in gay bars too....even boob groping.... My gay friends love my boobies :-) But the difference is that you feel unthreatened because they are just messing about & there are no thoughts at the back of their mind just.........."boobies!!! squidge" hahaha