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By  HeyyShayy  |  15

That sucks that you spent so much money on it...but maybe one of you can do a good deed and donate it to charity or something! Not only will your father still have a nice jacket, but you can smile knowing you've made someone's day!

  nonsensical  |  26

donate $500??? how rich are you?!

  more4me  |  27

I agree. More often than not, when it's time to replace it, you won't be able to find one exactly like it and you'll be glad to have a second. Or there is always Craigslist or EBay


I thought that...
You shouldn't buy yourself something at Christmas.
I understand it's a lot of money, but he should've hinted that he wanted it, as opposed to buying it...

Besides, it's not that far away from Christmas, I doubt he wouldn't be able to buy it after (that is, if he didn't get it- which he was going to)

  Publikwerks  |  14

I have done that, to my dad. I told him "Tough. You kept hinting that you want it, and then you go and buy it for yourself? Well, now you have two..."