By Imagino1234 - 14/12/2016 18:52 - Canada - Prince George

Today, my mother sent off a handmade Christmas wreath I made for my 70-year-old grandmother. It wasn't until after it was sent that we realized the box it was packed in was originally for adult diapers. FML
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Q: Will Granny be offended or disappointed? A: Depends.

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Let's see if she can put that on.


You're going to disappoint her so much, she was really looking forward to some new diapers. Maybe she'll try wearing the wreath.

Maybe granny has a sense of humor! And if not, can always hope she'll forget about it after a while.

I think that might say more about your household than about her...

SO? Grandmas love us! It's homemade. Go you. The box will be funny... unless, you know- she suffers from incontinence. Either way, It will still be a pleasent when she opens it.

Q: Will Granny be offended or disappointed? A: Depends.

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Seriously dude, do you need to comment on EVERY FML? Maybe go outside our something.

Hopefully your grandmother's got a sense of humour and you can pass it off as a joke

That's what I was thinking. I know I would get a good laugh out of this if it happened to me once I'm 70.

species4872 19

Let's see if she can put that on.

If I had sent that to my grandma she would have laughed, asked me if I was deranged, then laugh again. I miss my grandma :( she passed away a year ago at 75

OP here. My mother will be so tickled to see this anecdote on this site. I myself am tickled by some of your comments. :) To those who are wondering, my grandmother isn't incontinent (as far as I know); she's just really old. One wouldn't know that if one were to look at her; she looks twenty years younger than she really is. And yes, she does have a sense of humour like that where she can laugh at herself. As for the box, #3 is correct to some extent, though not in the way they think; my mother works for an elder care facility where they take care of dementia patients. I'm not sure how exactly, but I believe that is where she got the box from. I will post again to let you all know if my grandmother likes the wreath I made. A good deal of chocolate had to be hot-glued in the middle of it.

awildwhisper 30

Won't the chocolate melt in the heat when it's being stored in between sessions?

The whole point of the wreath is that you can eat the chocolate while being decorative at the same time. It's one of those Facebook things my mother decided we should try doing.

Glad to hear she has a sense of humor. My grandmother, who passed away 6 years ago, would have laughed so hard and shared the story every year. This will be a story to tell for generations. :)