By Sal - 05/12/2011 06:57 - United States

Today, I found out I have to give my father-in-law back the football tickets he gave me for my birthday. Why? His girlfriend decided she wanted to go. He didn't get me a different gift. FML
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Hannah_grace1414 12

For his birthday, buy him a hot tub, then say "oh nvm, I think I'll use it instead."

IDontKnow10101 14

That's just not even cool...FYL


IDontKnow10101 14

That's just not even cool...FYL

Can he really make u give it back? Just keep them.

jwade11 12

yeah, this is where you grow a backbone and say "no." they were a gift to you, they're yours now and it's not your problem that his girlfriend wants to go.

she might have just said she wants to go to the game, and he was just too cheap to buy more tickets.

anzie_fml 9

Something I don't understand is how their step-father has a girlfriend...? Unless their mom is permanently not in the picture..

Shes a selfish bitch... I know it is family but steal all the things you gave to them as payback *evil laugh*

Hannah_grace1414 12

For his birthday, buy him a hot tub, then say "oh nvm, I think I'll use it instead."

You need to hit him were it hurts, go make a delicious sandwich and right as he has it in front of him, take it back. His world will be shattered, I know mine would be if I had a delicious SANDVICH taken away!

CalCommando 6

*TF2 music blares in background*

You're father-in-law doesn't seem nice.

bobbycorwen 5

He isn't the father-in-law, Mr. Silly.

His father-in-law is the one who have him the tickets..

I wouldn't give it back if I were you. I mean, it's not like he'll chase you down for it, right?

every1luvsboners 11

If they were tickets to the Browns game you saved yourself the trouble. They're going to lose, get embarrassed, then do it all over next week. It's hard for a team to statistically be THAT bad.

pitchblease 2

That's offense is terrible. Dink and dunk with colt mccoy? Best player is their left tackle...

If they were tickets to the LSU-Alabama game you better kill him now

What a git, don't get him anything for Christmas OR his birthday.

shrdlu 28

Or get him cheap tickets for an event he'd never want to go to, e.g. whatever kind of music he hates. Or get him a small gift certificate to a store that has nothing he'd want.

bigAC 6

wait why would it matter if HIS girlfriend didn't want to go?

Then she could keep her tickets and didn't have to give them back to her father-in-law.

bigAC 6

oooohh haha my bad I misread it sorry.

You're better off going to a bar and watching the game there. You'd get a better view, better beer, cheaper snacks, and better company.

iKickKixy 3

True, and you can get all of that at Hooters, and they have more than one great view. Now I know where I'm going this weekend to watch the game.

I'm starting to hear buffalo wild wings in my ear...

jwade11 12

I would never want to be a patient of yours for the simple fact you wouldn't give two *****! You can't be a doctor and a bastard. You have to be able to care bout people!

Jwade, what the **** do you know about how to be a doctor? My patients love me because I'm honest with them, and I don't pussy-foot around. I tell it like it is, and they appreciate my openness.

rbr0wn 3

54- have you read docbastard's blog? He writes about stupid patients/doctors and how he practices medicine to help innocent people who get hurt. Do some research before you try to bitch someone out.

****, if you only go to doctors who play games, then you must really not give a shit about getting better. The job of a medical professional is not to be your best friend, sorry. You can care about people without being ridiculously outgoing and friendly. Not that you'd know, because I'm sure you have no idea how stressful that particular career path really is. Innumerable strenuous hours tend to make a person irritable.

iFizzgig 11

Well if they are already in your possession don't give them back and go anyway. Unless your father-in-law is a powerful maniac who can have you kidnapped, mutilated, or killed then "forget about it".

gpaine 0

It was probably a Colts-Rams game. No sweat lost lol