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  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Exactly! She is only 1 step away from being perfect! How many women have achieved that? And how hard is it to love Mountain Dew? Go for it OP, love the Dew and become the ultimate Perfect woman! :-)

  hqbrat  |  8

First of all Perfect doesn't exist only you can define perfect from your perspective, for example if I thing putting on matching outfits is perfect and somebody else thinks that to them putting on mixed match outfits is perfect to them. (AND I AM NOT SAYING THIS BECAUSE I DON'T AGREE, of course I agree and that's what every girl wants to hear, the fact that she is good enough to be with so her "perfect" guy

By  Ryan_Jaxson  |  8

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By  patrickalamo  |  47

Looks like it's tine for you to just "do the dude"

By  liscentious23  |  1

I can't believe one of your boyfriend's criteria off his "perfect girlfriend" checklist includes carbonated soda preference