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  tttiffany  |  0

both makes sense. If it was the case of #2's then YDI. If it's in the case of #30's, then this isn't an fml...

by the way, I'm jealous I have no tattoos and you guys do.

Kay. done.

  Lil_lion_rawr  |  5

I tip %20. Sometimes even over. Once I tipped 100% and another time I tipped %40.. Just depends on how well the waitress did, one time I didn't tip the waiter, he was rude and neglected my date and I.

  kaybugg22  |  9

What I have always been told is (if you plan on it) leave a cash tip rather than filling it in on the receipt for a couple different reasons. But ultimately, I've heard surprising/upsetting stories of servers who will take it upon themselves to fill out that part of the receipt so they are giving themselves a tip and youre paying for it.
I have always crossed out the tip line (like you would for a check) and fill in what my total was at the bottom leaving no room for anyone else to write a number.
So it could have been nothing personal, or anything to do with service. Just a customer whos probably heard the same things and protecting their financially security.