By Anonymous - 19/03/2012 00:49 - United States - Dansville

Today, my boyfriend and I were having dinner with my family. He killed a bug and ate it. FML
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According to Bear Grylls bugs have lots of protein.

That's just downright disgusting! I can just picture a little bug's leg sticking out from in between his teeth when he smiles. *shudders*


According to Bear Grylls bugs have lots of protein.

That is Really interesting! Better drink my own piss.

Tells you something about your family's cookin'.

..even more so if you piss on it

FMLshark 12

Did he kill the bug by shooting his tongue out at it? And did his burp sound more like a croak?

oops_im_fucked 8

I ate a bug... Better wash it down with my own piss...

DaKillaMafia 2

He's just tryna up his protein intake.

May i suggest keeping him in an aquarium :)

ScubaSteve96 0

"These bugs are a real delicacy." - Bear Grylls

I was thinking about that

That's just downright disgusting! I can just picture a little bug's leg sticking out from in between his teeth when he smiles. *shudders*

i regret reading this comment..that image is going to be stuck in my mind now..

MatheusRajuidas 5

This FML is really bugging me. But I guess OP's bf's teeth are just fine with it.

I shouldn't have read your comment. Screw you lol.

I think her bf is bear grylls

LoveMay 10

Food not good enough?

oh man like what would you do if someone found a bug more appetizing than your own cooking?haha that'd be fucked up.

IdfkMyUsernamexC 5

Just remember-that's her boyfriend. She kisses him, so really, fuck her life.

lilyisme1324 0

He's a keeper:)

bettyboop428 24

10-I don't know why but I read your comment in Shaggy's voice (from Scooby Doo). That made your thought even funnier.

HoboSmeller 6

well at least you know he isnt picky with his food.

Is that a Suicide girl in the pic or sumthin?

Ok 39 1. I think you're thinking of emos. 2. Your a dick.

Not all frogs turn to princes you know...

Only one way to find out

Don't let him cook you food.

MatheusRajuidas 5

Unless she wants something exotic someday.

klovemachine 24

This must be "bugging" you, haha : D

Well I'll be buggered, a pun that was actually funny!

eatdemcupcakes 4


May not want to kiss him anymore :/, or even be with him actually. Yuck.

Today, I had dinner with my girlfriend 's family. I felt so awkward, when I saw a bug I immediately killed and ate it. then, she dumped me. FML. Nah, I wouldnt dump the poor kid. that would be a tad bit unreasonable.

Mister_Triangle 21

He's a survivalist! Score for you, OP. We don't all get to know people like that. At least you know he'll keep you safe when the mole people rise from their buried tombs to battle the centurions left behind by the ancient aliens who built the pyramids.

chesoes 8

Wierd O_0 am guessing hes not ur boyfriend no more right?

You dump every guy the moment they do something strange? You must have quick relationships.

There's strange and really strange... eating a bug is really strange, especially when you have diner with your gf's family

39 She has a duck face in her profile pic of course she has quick relationships Of course she wouldn't be the one ending them...

She had to kiss him! Duck face or no duck face, would you really make out with someone you know is eating bugs??