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Today, I moved back in with my parents in order to help them with the mortgage, so they don't lose the house that has been in our family for three generations. I also found out that I now have a curfew, and so does my husband and our 3 year old son. FML
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Tell them, WHEN THEY PAY ALL THE BILLS, THEY CAN MAKE THE RULES! or just life them in their room!

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I would tell my parents that either they can give me the adult freedoms I now have or I'm leaving and they can be homeless for all I care.

10&43= fail 1&51=win you don't need to protect your parents. if they loose the house then you can buy it...

God I hate when I'm out at a club partying and the three year old I was talking to has to go home cause of his curfew. :/

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dang u took the words right out of my mouth I was about to say the same :D

how long is that mortgage when it's still being paid by 3 generations? 80 year term?

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wow. your parents are psychotic.

uhh 3 generations and still not mortgage free? what is it a multi million dollar house? :/

The parents could have taken a mortgage out on the house for something expensive, like medical bills, or the child's schooling. Basically you get a mortgage is a loan from the bank, if you can't pay them back they'll take your house.

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Exactly, people get home equity lines of credit, which is basically like a 2nd mortgage. The house is collateral.

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Hahahahaha @60. Emo kids make comebacks so easy.

Simple, buy the house your parents obviously cannot afford anymore and let them live-in to support you and your family.... and then you give them a curfew.

big whoop, it's just a curfew. suck it up.

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Agree with 160. I feel sad for you if your parents didn't do everything they could to help you and you don't feel they deserve the favor back.

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I'm guessing you like the matrix too.

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Whats the point of dying for someone who worked so hard to give you life? :s

If she has a curfew, I am surprised she is allowed to sleep in the same bed as her husband. Considering she is being treated like a twelve year old.

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There is no way I could move back in with my parents after having a family.

haha Stewie Vader vs. Peter Guevara. wonder who would win?

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Probably to be treated with some respect, seeing as OP is an adult with a family and is nice enough to help out her parents this much? :)

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Seems like OP cares more about the sentimental value of the house than her parents being homeless.

It's not about being homeless, they could sell it and rent a cheaper place. The house they are in now is apparently larger than what they need - they wouldn't have found space for their daughter's family, otherwise.

a three year old should already have a curfew

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They may have set the curfew so they wouldn't wake up with the door opening, I'm just wondering how they managed to not have finished paying the house for 3 generations . . .

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Hahaha, this is hilarious. Hahaha.

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Tell them, WHEN THEY PAY ALL THE BILLS, THEY CAN MAKE THE RULES! or just life them in their room!

This, exactly! I think OP should remind her parents that without her help they would have no place so they ought to chill out.


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remove the shrink wrap from your balls and stand up for yourself pussyboy

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Why are you calling her a boy, and why are you even suggesting that she has balls?

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FYLDeep - I suppose the "so does my husband" escaped pooper's attention.

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the thing that didnt escape my attention was that you stay at home all day looking online for a job to support your bankrupt family. But instead of working you would rather post rude comments on FML to make you feel better about the shitty life that you & your family have thanks Doc

Thanks for the uplifting comment, pooper. Now I'm going to go cry in my Lexus. Just FYI, the "Doc" in "DocBastard" isn't an exaggeration. Feel stupid now?

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haha I almost stuck up for you doc and then I thought to myself 'whatever doc says will be so much more effective and funny.' so I left it alone and I'm so glad I did.

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1) no respectable doctor would waste their time correcting and getting off on teens bad grammar 2) I'm sure u do have a Lexus its probably 15 yrs old with 10k still owed on it 3) I suggest that you get up from your parents basement, get in your Lexus & write yourself a prescription for a new life b/c u obviously hate yours. 4) sorry I'm late on child support

Pooper, your nickname is accurate even if your allegations are not. But your comments are quite funny, and I'm glad you're having fun making them. I certainly enjoy the laugh, so keep them coming. And if you're wondering about all the other stuff, I won't dignify it with a retort. All I'll tell you is that I love my wife, my daughter, and my life.

Seriously? WTF. Who moves back in with their parents? OP, you have issues.

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Did you not read the FML completely, you twit? I think the reason was pretty evident from early on...

Um, pretty sure it's to save their home...

I did read it. Nonetheless, its their parents fault. OP, shouldn't take responsibility for their faults and then get a curfew.

You can't say for sure the parents are at fault. Maybe they needed a loan to pay for medical bills or something. Regardless of fault, though, the OP isn't just bailing her family out; she's helping to protect her inheritance and part of her family's heritage. In the long run, that's got to be worth the hassle of setting some boundaries and fighting for more independence now.

I have to agree with #77, it's the parents fault for getting behind on their mortgage. If OP is ok with moving back in with her parents then she obviously has some of her own troubles in her life, cause I would never move back matter what!

they abviously couldnt afford helping with the mortgage and paying there own bills at their own house so they had to move in duh

*Sighs* Why does this site give me the impression that an overriding chunk of Americans are so overwhelmingly fixated on 'independence' and 'self sufficiency' that they have lost all sense of family or general social connectedness? Personally I think it's pretty dysfunctional to be unable to envisage ever helping out your parents pr living with them.

bullcrap - if it's been in your family for 3 generations there shouldn't be a mortgage

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That's not true. They could have a mortgage on improvements they made to the home...because it's been in the family for generations.

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people will take loans out with their house as collateral. probably what her parents did