By SorryUncleTommy - United States - Brooklyn
Today, it was my uncle's funeral. I wasn't very close with him, but I still wanted to be respectful. My boyfriend, being the jackass that he is, was singing the Spider Pig song from The Simpsons under his breath while making his fingers walk up my leg, trying to get under my skirt. FML
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  Melissa92_fml  |  13

No but the fact that he has no respect for her family, especially in that sort of situation says a lot for OP's boyfriend (hopefully ex) and warrants dumping. Also, I agree with the other posts, if you call your own boyfriend a jackass OP why would you even date him?

  Tezoma  |  28

Assuming you were bring serious, then I can't say I agree with your at all. Taking into consideration the time and place, this wasn't at all appropriate behavior.
If not.. Well, it just wasn't funny.

  moliknz  |  26

Why does no one else love this? I would love to have a boyfriend that made me laugh during a hard time like that, but my sense of humor is a bit twisted.


Well to give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he didn't really know the uncle either, as even OP wasn't really close with her relative. It might have just been his way to react to the slightly awkward situation of being at a funeral of someone you never met. Stupid reaction but sometimes people act inappropriately out of stress.