By Anonymous - 20/09/2010 09:37 - Australia

Today, I was emptying the cutlery section of the dishwasher when I reached down and accidentally got the tip of a steak knife wedged half-way under my fingernail. My mum yelled at me for getting blood on the clean dishes. FML
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Wow, you're mum seems like such a nice lady.


emmaleeislamee 0

Wow, you're mum seems like such a nice lady.

period blood? or just from the finger wound

proff, you seriously need some new material. telling the same joke over and over isn't cutting it. Knock, knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow wh... MOOOOOOOOOOO! Now you try it.

At least Proff numbered them for us. I don't think I would have been able to EVER count the amount of stupidity in his comment. Thank you, Proff.

lajaynay, I think I love you and your sarcasm. :)

Haha. Well, thanks. Always happy to supply it. :)

Proff, Trollz had that 'joke' down pat. You don't. Leave it for the best! :-) I miss Trollz. :-(

ydi for not knowing how to load a dishwasher...

Yes, 40, because "emptying" and "loading" are the same things these days.

he meant "try to load the washer with blades pointing down"...

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Ydi for not putting a band-aid on .

yes 47. 46 is apparently too mentally challenged to understand inferences.

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I agree with 40. my brother always loads it with the blades up and it is annoying

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yea, she thinks shes so smart but she's retarded, everyone else knew what u meant :)

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Get some blood on her shirt and say "Whoops! There's some blood on your shirt also!"

yell at her for getting blood on a clean tampon

I can't believe ppl are still doing the reply to the 1st comment thing.

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I think that this would tickle, not hurt

Yes, 61, because you're obviously the smart one. Who ever said OP even loaded the dishwasher? It's highly possible that OP didn't and never saw the knife.

you dont load it with blades down, then it doesnt get clean...who needs to learn how to load a dishwasher?

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your moms a jerk dude. I agree, tell her off. (and stress it alot, like "maybe it hit a major artery ooooh owwwwww it hurts!!" then collapse)

that sucks shit dude, you should have a go at her

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how hard would it had been to rewash a few dishes? and ouch!...

yeah duh. that's why I gave her a ydi... some families must have no common sense.

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ikr It's like a retard test. Hey Rocky, which me unload the dishes.... Nothing up my sleeves.... Presto!!! Arrruuuuggghhhh!!! Blood is every where!

thank you!! I told my in-laws the same thing when I was unloading theirs, they said "it could damage the basket" . . . hummm possible minor nicks and cuts to a plastic basket, or cuts and stab wounds to humans. . . that's a hard one (sarcasm)

I bet you were thinking "just the tip.. just once to see how it feels."

lmao! oh wedding crashers how I love u! best movie ever!