By jodafish - 08/11/2011 05:45 - Canada

Today, I was yelled at by a customer because I couldn't tell her where the vitamins were in the pharmacy. The manager came and yelled at me for being lazy and incompetent. I work in the store across the street from the pharmacy. FML
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A simple explanation could have made them look like the idiots.

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A simple explanation could have made them look like the idiots.

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OP doesn't work in a pharmacy, just another store across the road..

I read it like she was in her own store working and a lady asked if she knew where the vitamins were in the pharmacy across the road and then her manager yelled at her. So FYL.

So she was to lazy to look for the vitamins herself? Women....... Jk

#32 oh yeah, it could be read that way too..

#21. retard. OP doesnt work in a pharmacy

clearly your boss and her didn't takes their meds this morning.

That's because OP couldn't tell them where they could find them in the pharmacy.

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Whether or not the OP has a job isn't mentioned in this FML, let alone anything about his/her boss.

FYLDeep 25

Fuck me, I forgot about the last part where it says the OP has a job. Either way, his/her boss isn't mentioned.

2, the manager isn't OP's boss.

Oh wait. Is OP in the store where she works or the pharmacy? And is 'the manager' the store manager (her boss) or the manager of the pharmacy (who thinks OP is one of his employees)?

OP in Pharmacy which is not their work when not their boss shouted at them... I'd tell them both to fook off ;)

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How can you legitimately get into trouble for that? It's not your workplace so how the hell are you to know? Pimp slap a bitch.

Perhaps they have similar uniforms, As another commenter Has said, a simple explanation would have set everything straight.

Well OP's boss, probably just heard yelling and suspected that OP did something wrong. But who knows why that customer was there...crazy sh*t

Nevermind, I read that FML wrong.... XD

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I think at some point they realized this but because you were SUCH a pussy they decided to take their frustrations out on you. Congratulations you're now slightly tougher than yogurt.

Don't be hating on yogurt

I'm lol cause I have a cat named Yogurt. So my pussy is as tough as yogurt?! Damn, that's what you get for letting a 3 yr old name the family pet.

I have a dog named 'Noodle'

leadman1989 15

Who's hating on yogurt? It's tasty just not very tough lol.

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"YEAH! Why CAN'T you tell me why my perscriptions aren't ready yet!"

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Dude who the fuck cares, we know what she means!

I have no idea why u got dislikes for that, it was fuckin genius

Haha sucks to be you. Although why did u not make them both look like dicks?

What the hell? Was it really so hard to explain that you don't work there? Or to just walk away? It's not like you had any obligation to stay and get yelled at.

Yes, OP, you really need to be more assertive. Why you would stand there and let people verbally abuse you is beyond me.

Coz walkin away from your boss while he's talkin to you will help alot

Confuciussay 6

11 - Re-read the FML again please.

I would stayed and let them yell then at the very end told the manager I didn't work there and I'd like to file a complaint about abusive staff

13, he was being sarcastic.

28 - nope, pretty sure he needed to reread the post seeing as OP's boss is never mentioned.

40- a manager is your boss.. YOU need to reread this FML too apparently

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52- That manager was someones boss but he wasnt OP's boss

11- read things carefully before posting a comment. 28- maybe you should learn what sarcasm is.

fail on the manager, and fail on ur incompetent ass for not knowing where the vitamins are!!! lol just playin. fyl indeed! hope ur boss iant so incompetent!

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lol nutjobs.