By jodafish - Canada
Today, I was yelled at by a customer because I couldn't tell her where the vitamins were in the pharmacy. The manager came and yelled at me for being lazy and incompetent. I work in the store across the street from the pharmacy. FML
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  ddeboer4  |  9

I read it like she was in her own store working and a lady asked if she knew where the vitamins were in the pharmacy across the road and then her manager yelled at her. So FYL.

  BB_ava  |  0

Oh wait. Is OP in the store where she works or the pharmacy? And is 'the manager' the store manager (her boss) or the manager of the pharmacy (who thinks OP is one of his employees)?

By  leadman1989  |  15

I think at some point they realized this but because you were SUCH a pussy they decided to take their frustrations out on you.

Congratulations you're now slightly tougher than yogurt.

By  Stoneyyay  |  5

fail on the manager, and fail on ur incompetent ass for not knowing where the vitamins are!!! lol just playin. fyl indeed! hope ur boss iant so incompetent!