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your great grandmother has a side man.

Still a better love story than twilight.


your great grandmother has a side man.

She's 90. And has a side man. She is officially my role model.

Hey, she's lived long enough to enjoy herself however she sees fit.

Everyone is praising the grandma but if this said "grandpa" he would be called a cheating asshole. OP's grandma is a cheating bitch. End of story. 90 years old or not, cheating is never ok. Don't encourage it.

I think at that age, settling down and having a serious relationship isn't a priority for them. They have already lived their lives and now just want to have fun. My comment was mostly a joke, however, if it were a male I would still view it the same way.

Girls just wanna have fun....and granny's got game XD

That's not true to everyone, #48, as many people that age do get married. I would be fine with it if both men knew about it and were okay with it, but someone shouldn't cheat just because they're old and want to have fun.

48 I kinda agree but just wanted to share that this super old couple came into my work and told me they had been together 3 years. the man still was up and working on the house and such and the woman was wheelchair bound. their life partners had died 5 years ago and they told me they wanted to remarry to have someone to care for and die with. They were really inspiring and lovely people. Point is some old people want to have fun and some do still want serious relationships and love.

Still a better love story than twilight.

Even a love story between a potato and an oven would be a better love story...

And it would still involve something getting bitten in the end.

Grandma got pull game.

She sounds awesome! Well done grandma!

Switched with male 90 year old: "He's a pig" . Not trying to start an argument but it should be bad for all genders to cheat, even if you're old morals apply to you too. Gender and age should not be viewed in wether cheating is good or bad.

Why is #31 being downvoted so much? If OP's grandparent was male, everyone would react much differently.

Well, you heard her. Don't be a snitch.

snitches get stiches

Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends

I'm sure she's kept secrets for you ... Now it's your turn!

your grandmas' a player

Great-grandma =great game!

Grandma's spitting game

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You sir, are nasty af :)

I agree. He definitely meant oatmeal, not pudding.

your grandma is a bitch.

You're the bitch, bitch! (ง •̀_•́)ง

No, 25, the grandma is a bitch. Cheating isn't cool, even if she is 90. It's so fucking annoying that everyone is praising the grandma. She's a God damn cheater. Her age doesn't make it ok.

Well #47, there comes an age where situations like OP's is pretty God damned cool regardless of gender. That age is like 80.

did you honestly think I was serious whilst using a (ง •̀_•́)ง emoji? c'mon now.