By mushroomless - 14/10/2015 05:40 - United States - Thayne

Today, I got yelled at in a grocery store by a customer who recognized me from the pizza place where I work. Apparently, I forgot mushrooms on her pizza earlier this afternoon. I had the day off, but thanks for the verbal lashing, lady. FML
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If you were standing by the mushrooms, please tell me you threw some in her face and said "Here're yer mushrooms, ma'am".

Customer service summed up


If you were standing by the mushrooms, please tell me you threw some in her face and said "Here're yer mushrooms, ma'am".

She must not think that you're a very fungi.

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Your comment is old and you should feel old.

Hahahaha some people, SMH.. It's ok OP, don't let one bad person ruin the day for you!

Customer service summed up

She gave you a pizza her mind. Sucks you had to put up with a shitty customer on your day off.

aeryn97 17

She's got bigger problems. only food obsessed people go crazy over a forgotten pizza topping.

Well, don't forget next time.

Read it again bud, it was his day off..

Also, there's really no excuse for yelling at someone for something like that.

That has happened to me more than once. I had a guy once throw me out of his store in the mall because I wouldn't let him in my supermarket two hours after closing on thanksgiving. I refused to leave and he threatened to call security and I threatened to do the same the next time he was in my store. So he backed off. Jackass.

tantanpanda 26

#17, no, YOU read again. He forgot the pizza toppings and she found him on another day (his day off) and yelled at him.

27, "earlier this afternoon"

27, Don't make me quote it for you bud. and ease off your caps lock :)

Yeah, misread that one. My bad.

hoosiergirl94 31

People just find things to be angry about

Oh my goodness, people like this drive me crazy! The way some people get so upset if every little thing isn't exactly the way they want it is unbelievable. I'm sorry OP. Don't let a grumpy, self-entitled person ruin your day off!

Her life must be pretty sad if she feels the need to verbally abuse someone over forgotten mushrooms.