By InstantHardOn - 08/11/2011 04:43 - United States

Today, my girlfriend has a new obsession: grabbing my junk and whispering in my ear the song, "Baby, Imma Be Your Motivation." Problem? I get an instant boner and she only does it in public, because it's "funny as hell." FML
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MwahFMLS 6

Grab her boob and sing nyan cat? Meowmeowmeowmeow


theten_fml 9

Do something that gets her hella horny in public.

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13 - Hella horny? Hella isnt even a word, if by hella you mean hell well i've got news for you. Hell isn't an adjective.

kashuba31 0

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kashuba31 0

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theten_fml 9

21- it's slang. I though he used it in his fml so I did too. But thanks for that... Um stuff you said. =] what would I do without you??

#21- Who cares if it isn't a word? Get off your high horse and go play hide and go kill yourself. Language is an art not meant to be controlled. We of the free world have every right to speak it however we want.

21 - Need a tampon? It sounds ridiculous and language actually is an art. This reply was directed at 24 because I mistakenly pushed it (I'm on my iPod touch).

Hella is a slang word for very. Ex: "Hella Good" by No doubt is a hella good song. Just keep on dancing.

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perdix 29

I think the use of "hella" (short for "hell of a") here is brilliant considering the story uses "Imma" which is short for "I'm going to."

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heyimallison 0

21 - wtf is wrong with you? worry about yourself.

@29 and anyone else who says language is an art. No it's really not an art, language is means to communicate to one another. That being said, it really doesn't matter how you use it as long as the other person understands truly. The rules are just a means to keep it articulate.

Moderator, please remove 29s post. It is rather offensive and just outright bad. "Go play hide and go kill yourself"? I am ashamed by the people who liked this. You are all encouraging suicide.

At least you know she can motivate you when you're horny...

I'm pretty sure 'hella' originated from San Francisco because a lot of people say it in nor cal but I know people from So Cal don't say it much and most of them hate it.

I don't mean to bring in more pointless examples, but slang like 'Hella' and 'Imma' are used in modern music. (Regardless of how terrible it is). I.e, "Imma be, livin' that good life'.

42 i have to disagree. "bro" is the most annoying to me =/ 89 language is definitely an art. think of fictional books

StopDropNRoll 11

I pretty sure you can find "hella" in the Oxford Dictionary just saying google Oxford dictionary and look it up.

Who gives a **** if it's annoying to you or not? Keep it movin' and don't be dicks, you pedantic assfaces. |the kid|

Shut the **** up about debating wether or not it's a word, and where it comes from. Next thing you know, you'll all be ******** yourselves over the difference between British spelling and American spelling. It's shallow, pedantic, and lacks all type of tact and finesse. If you think saying hella is wrong, then don't use any slang at all, because then you're just becoming the double standard.

mind_fucked 4

If she wears a white shirt "accidently" spill water on her chest and so oops! Lol

DarkMoon159 5

you look like you are from the south

eharmonee 0

I'm pretty sure it's more annoying when people say shiz kalifa.... I hate that!

Drummerboy1234 0

I see no problem. let people admire.

DreBeezy 9

30/ 21- 29 did state that language was an art, he/she just said that it was not meant to be controlled. Plus, I know a lot of English teachers that use the world "hella" and does anyone see your certificate as a "certified" English expert? I didn't think so.

OhbbyCx 6

Hella actually originated in California. :P

Hahaha ben there done that! Make her fix it. That makes it fun for both of you

kimmiekimmiekong 0

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theten_fml 9

....."if he had something like that?" ..... 0.o a penis?

kimmiekimmiekong 0

ya should of seen this one coming, I regretted writing it like I did once I re read it when it was sent lol

theten_fml 9

18 oh that's okay =] a lot of things don't have a penis like my phone or my stereo for example.

I'm glad my pillow doesn't have a penis it's the only thing I give "head" to haha. And no I don't suck on my pillow O.o

RA661 8

So your boyfriend has no "junk"? I don't think that's a *boy* then...

It's completely there for pleasure I assure you.

#39- Eh, she's probably dating Justin Bieber.

SpruceDread4578 13

You go do that to your BF, soon he'll be cheating and you'll ask yourself why he did.

SpruceDread4578 13

You go do that to your BF, soon he'll be cheating and you'll ask yourself why he did.

I bet the other 30 ppl who liked it do also. But thanks for the confirmation

Yes, because a total random you-know-what in public is totally cool!!

Mister_Triangle 21

You can be mine ;) Forever_alone.jpeg

koolkat27 13

I like how 2 people commenting on this have a forever alone picture.

I don't know how hell is funny, but I know your gf is fun and kinky.

twinny_sc 13

It's because you don't know what it's like to have a big dick and get a boner.

didthatreallyhap_fml 14

OP could be embarrassed because he has a Howard Duck dick lol ijs

MwahFMLS 6

Grab her boob and sing nyan cat? Meowmeowmeowmeow

That is the greatest idea ever!!! XDDDD

Or.... he could grab her boobs and start making "pew-pew" laser noises? ;)

67, Very impressive reference to an old FML, that was quite some time ago, Regardless of wether it was intentional. Well done Ma'am, well done indeed.

ohmyhotdogonabun 0

The kitty says "nyan" not "meow". And yes, I'm aware that nyan is the Japanese word for "meow".

There's a Japanese word for meow? And it's nyan? ... It all makes sense now!

Isn't 'meow' simply an attempt to spell the sound a cat makes? If so, how does it make sense that the Japanese call it Nyan?

Or hahahahaha-haha squeeze squeeze! Like Peter griffin lol

Nyancat sing nikkanikkayumyum! Listen to it again and you will hear it!

Tara_74656 7

lol wow... what a tease. not to self: try on next b/f

Tara_74656 7

^note.... can't believe i did that.

leadman1989 15

The post or the picture... perhaps both are regrets of yours.

lizabethp 11

lol.. she has humor and at least she grabs your junk!