By SpiderFather - 02/07/2013 08:01 - France

Today, my seven-year-old son put a spider in the microwave. Animal cruelty? No. The goal was to irradiate it, then get it to bite him so that he would become Spider-Man. FML
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Damn it, why couldn't I think of that as a child?

Your 7 year old is a genius. I've gotta go find me a spider

you quite possibly have the coolest kid on the planet OP.

That's pretty clever for a 7 year old

Don't forget that he's also brave. I mean, I can't even bring myself to go near a spider, let alone throw one in the microwave.

The kid has a future in interrogation.

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68 Let alone let it bite afterwards

the kid is 7 I don't see this as a fml, I would have smiled for my child's dream to become a superhero.

It may have worked if it he was not in France.

And brave for letting a spider bite him

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I agree, congratulations OP for raising such a wild imaginative son. :)

Agreed, it shows that some kids these days still have imagination. Most 7 year old boys I know sit on their ass all day swearing at people over xbox.

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That's pretty smart for a 7 year old its just ridiculous to grown ups

@20 what are you saying? That its so stupid it just might work

76 - the stupid part was referring to the naïvety of OP's son, however it's a clever concept for such a young child to come up with. But you never know, it is so stupid that it just might work!

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At least he has goals in life, eh?

Brilliant, at least he's trying. We could use a Spider-Man.

Especially since Bill Gates won't use his wealth and smarts to become IronMan!

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His suit would get infected with viruses, get the blue screen of death and freeze up.

I am curious as to what he is actually using though. Because if was using the same version he sells to us, shit would get changed.

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That kid is thinking outside the box.

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Innovative! Pretty clever kid. Though it sucks for the spider..

That's alright. No one cares about spiders anyway.

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