By shando - 08/11/2009 02:13 - United States

Today, I went to a petting zoo with my niece and nephew. While we were checking out the llamas, one of them spit directly into my face. Disgusted and embarrassed, we turned away to pet a deer. The deer immediately urinated then shook its tail which splattered it into my face. FML
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It's like animal bukkake... but with other non-seminal bodily fluids.


It's like animal bukkake... but with other non-seminal bodily fluids.

So then it's not bukkake.

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actually #8 bukkake has taken on many other forms then just semen particularly involving urine or woman ejaculate. google "lesbian bukkake" or "piss bukkake" and you'll see that bukkake is no longer reserved for 50 guys cuming on one japanese girl. The word bukkake is actually japanese for "to splash" not anything strictly semen related. But it did start out that way.

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uhm... I think this is a fake fml!!!

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thats what op put...... You're funny.

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wow maybe you smell bad

You should never go on safari.

Yeah, Firefox FTW

Domesticated deer? A miracle!

Mmmm beer... Oh, oh deer? "Hello there! Time again for a small belt of culture." Russians have been domesticating moose for years. They are actually milking them at the moose farm. It just isn't very profitable and is mostly experimental. And 20 brownie points if you know where that quote is from!

The quote is Bullwinkle!!! From the Rocky and Bullwinkle show!!! I loved watching that as a kid!

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grab it by the tail and swing it around a couple of times.

Swinging fetish much?

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See little is known that Bambies mom pulled this crap on a hunter when he was small. And we all saw what happened. (Wink wink)

See ydi a bit, when a llama's going to spit, it puts it's ears back and looks really mean beforehand, it didn't like what you were doing, you should have read the signs and stopped...

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Monkeys throw poop!