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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was yelled at by a customer because we didn't have any ketchup packets. I work in a coffee shop. FML
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Go with the flow. The crazies might kill you

Not to be rude but dunkin donuts have ketchup packs, it's good in mourning sandwiches and hash browns

LiyIa_fml 8

Not all coffee shops sell hash browns! So fyl op!

14 - well this might be a coffe only place. You never know. It just seems like such an odd thing to request for at a coffee shop

Well you should get some. I love ketchup in my coffee with some sugar and cream.

LiyIa_fml 8

Ketchup? In coffee???? Ewwwwwww >_

Alex94xela 0

Where do you get mourning sandwiches? At a funeral?

Yeah- cause they have hashbrowns. What at Starbucks would you put ketchup on? The artisan breakfast sandwich? I can't think of anything that would be good.

xMeganMayhem 6

Well, I hear ketchup goes nicely with some types of coffee. If you carry the coffee, you should carry the ketchup. Then, you wouldn't have this problem.

Sarcasm...? I hope so. Either that or your a crazy person

Epsilonyx 15

I am in agreement with #2. KETCHUP COFFEE FAH LIEF.

People I believe 2 was trying to make a "joke".

Humorously,you didn't quite make me laugh.

jackgoldstein 5

if u weren't attractive I would give you thumbs down, 2. but here is a thumbs up.

That'd be rather interesting if the worker was female. I'd give her props for great aim after she washed her hands.

LegitMaddie 0

Wtf is wrong with u?!?! On the other hand... Lmfao

The_Troller 14

He just wanted a ketchup-ichino. I hear it's all the rage in asylums these days.

problemchildHWD 0

lol thats the first thing that came to mind

AdrianEC 15

Maybe he was the type of guy who puts ketchup on everything.

Epsilonyx 15

Like 2 said, his anger was justified. I expect some Heinz with my damn Cinnamon Dolce. Why is that difficult to understand?

Omg are you kidding; you don't make ketchup flavoured coffee? Really though what moron goes to a coffee shop and expects them to have ketchup?

uprising_fml 0

maybe they brought chickfila with them ? that would be a good reason to ask for ketchup .

fanaticdragon 10

should've got ketchup sachets from them then eh?

People like weird stuff with or in their coffee

Angelice_fml 0

They probably wanted to put it on their sandwich. Most coffee shops sell sandwiches too.

Maybe he wanted some ketchup with his coffee