By Anonymous - 15/11/2009 08:42 - Australia

Today, a neighbour called to say my water tank burst. A colleague followed me home to help, took off his shirt so it wouldn't get wet and climbed through my window to get to the roof. My boyfriend unexpectedly came home as we were emerging from the bedroom. My colleague was still buttoning his shirt up. FML
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lucy you got some splainin to do!

Wow, I bet that was awkward. FYL though.


Wow, I bet that was awkward. FYL though.

this is totally fake or she would have posted what happened after AND it's anonymus

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I bet it was VERY awkward... FYL OP. :-/

Awwwww, yeah, that's so awks...well at least you have an explanation

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Why didn't you just tell him your pipe burst BEFORE you had a topless man in your house.

LOL FYL. Is he your ex-boyfriend now?

lucy you got some splainin to do!

lol i like that shit! makes sense, quite amusing ^.^

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who's Lucy?

Lucy is from the 1950's show "I Love Lucy." One of the best shows of all time. :)

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Haha ur my hero

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Thespade-YOU are my hero.

That was very unlucky! Hope he accepts your explanation though

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SO? Just get your neighbour to back your story by explaining to your boyfriend about what happened. Not an FML.

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If they really were cheating wouldn't her co-worker go along with any story she comes up with anyway?

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It kinda is dumb ass

Neighbor backs them up, not the co worker. Read thoroughly

Then click "you deserve it" and move on. You sound like a real bitch.

Well that's elaborate.

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In cases like that the only options are: let him think your screwing him so you can finally be free OR tell him to smell your pussy.

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What the hell

offer him a threesome with your colleague in exchange for a threesome with any woman of his choice.

i LOVE potatoes!

I like turtles.


I like trains. ......

It's not what you think, I was just fixing her plumbing ! Man I would give so much to see what happened next...