By Grinch - / Saturday 24 December 2016 12:08 /
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  avaria  |  10

I'm making an educated guess at what this horribly formatted FML is saying. OP lives in Australia and it had reached the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day. OP's boyfriend/fiancé/husband meant to only have a quick get together with some old friends but that turned into a mess. Said partner is still intoxicated and still up at 'em with his friends. Mister messed up their Christmas Eve plans and is unable to drive to parents' houses later on based on how intoxicated he still is and the three hour drive. That is what I'm inferring but I could be off the mark but the post makes my brain hurt.

By  lee47_fml  |  5

catch a ride to your family's and forget the rest. His behavior is indicative of possible addiction. That's a mess you don't want to have to contend with the next 45 years.

By  pjsr  |  30

Agreeing with #6. A person with substance abuse problems will ruin every holiday, birthday, etc. whether it's the pressure or needing to be the center of attention, dysfunction will rear its ugly head at these times.

By  cats1234  |  15

I agree that sucks for you but, at least they're having a good time and sounds like your partner has some good friends. Maybe just let that one go and be thankful that everyone's happy?


OP isn't happy. And good friends would not impose into family time. None of them cared about ruining their plans and neither did the husband. Why should OP be selfless and just be happy her husband and friends are happy when they are being selfish and ruining Christmas eve for her?

By  mooman36  |  13

I so rarely get to spend time with my mates that when I do we tend to stay around longer than planned and end up getting way drunker than we intended. Spending time with family is nice for most men, spending time with our mates is something much better. Bit annoying it has happened but surely you can't be angry at him for enjoying his limited time with his friends?

  sophiehelen  |  30

If you make plans with anyone, other half included, then have to skip because you're shit faced, and then keep them awake til early hours of the morning with your noise then you're being a dick. If the time is limited he shouldn't have organised to do other things. he's also being selfish because they're seeing family the next day and he's now affecting that too. So it's not his spending time with friends that's shit, it's how he's gone about it

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