By sandra - 20/09/2010 06:13 - United States

Today, I was working with some shelter puppies transporting them to the vet's. I got all of the puppies in but one, and when I went to pull him out, I realized he had gotten car sick. Before I could stop it happening, he wagged his vomit-covered tail and hit me in the face. FML
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That's rescue work for you. Good on you anyway.

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At least he was cute?


sheribb 5

u know u liked it ;p

ilovenerds_ 1

Mmmm.. Tasty stuff, right there...


mans best friend...

35 YDI for trying to be funny and failing

This is a great fight, really. But proff needs to come up with a better retort than "YDI for ..." How about "F you and your face!" Try that one. Yours sounds like elementary school stuff.

Quick Pikachu, Iron Deficiency Tail! :)

Hahaha!!! The iron deficiency...uh Wait, what?

Banned again? Pray, for what did you get banned the first time? Do tell!

45 GTFA? You mean GTFO

I believe the A is for "away" rather than "out." It took me a second. I'm still waiting for my story. I have a feeling it's a story filled with drama and intrigue.

Aww, now I have the sadness. :(

YDI for encouraging the troll... like I just did...

I know, I know. I don't like feeding trolls either, but every now and then it's fun to poke a sleeping snake. it can either lead to a huge adrenaline rush or a trip to the ER. Or in this case, nothing at all.

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You're stupid. Jeez, get a life and use your fucking brain.

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If you are not he, that's identity fraud. I'm just saying.


would you like a medal...?

of course!! thanks for offering;)

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good for u for helping out tho. I dnt think it cudda made ur face n e worse!! jjk

thanks for helping the shelter animals. but you have to expect pee poop and vomit it's what makes the cute puppy smell ;)

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I think he sat in it after it happen.. thus making his tail a vomit

he probably barfed and moved around and it's wagging tail made contact with it, you pretty bitch.

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At least he was cute?

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It's almost like your friend's children. They're adorable until they spit up..then you just want to hand them back to their mom. But if it's your own child..who cares? :-)

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rawr (: