By sandra - 20/09/2010 06:13 - United States

Today, I was working with some shelter puppies transporting them to the vet's. I got all of the puppies in but one, and when I went to pull him out, I realized he had gotten car sick. Before I could stop it happening, he wagged his vomit-covered tail and hit me in the face. FML
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That's rescue work for you. Good on you anyway.

At least he was cute?


u know u liked it ;p

Mmmm.. Tasty stuff, right there...

mans best friend...

35 YDI for trying to be funny and failing

This is a great fight, really. But proff needs to come up with a better retort than "YDI for ..." How about "F you and your face!" Try that one. Yours sounds like elementary school stuff.

Quick Pikachu, Iron Deficiency Tail! :)

Hahaha!!! The iron deficiency...uh Wait, what?

Banned again? Pray, for what did you get banned the first time? Do tell!

45 GTFA? You mean GTFO

I believe the A is for "away" rather than "out." It took me a second. I'm still waiting for my story. I have a feeling it's a story filled with drama and intrigue.

Aww, now I have the sadness. :(

YDI for encouraging the troll... like I just did...

I know, I know. I don't like feeding trolls either, but every now and then it's fun to poke a sleeping snake. it can either lead to a huge adrenaline rush or a trip to the ER. Or in this case, nothing at all.


You're stupid. Jeez, get a life and use your fucking brain.

If you are not he, that's identity fraud. I'm just saying.


would you like a medal...?

of course!! thanks for offering;)

good for u for helping out tho. I dnt think it cudda made ur face n e worse!! jjk

thanks for helping the shelter animals. but you have to expect pee poop and vomit it's what makes the cute puppy smell ;)

I think he sat in it after it happen.. thus making his tail a vomit

he probably barfed and moved around and it's wagging tail made contact with it, you pretty bitch.

At least he was cute?

It's almost like your friend's children. They're adorable until they spit up..then you just want to hand them back to their mom. But if it's your own child..who cares? :-)