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Today, my job application for McDonald's was rejected. This is the second time. FML

By Anonymous - / Monday 20 September 2010 07:10 / United Kingdom
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  PhoenixFiend  |  0

At McDonalds, we have a hiring to win program. it's the online application. There's so many people wanting a job that if you score anything less than green, you won't even get the interview.


Believe it or not McDonald's is a great first job, or job in general. I've been working there for 3 years, since i was 14 1/2 years old, and its been great! The company offers many job opportunities, not just maintenance and grill work.

  Girreth  |  7

The economy isn't actually bad. People just aren't spending money because they THINK that the economy's bad. Who caused this? News broadcasters, durr.

"It appears a rainbow trout has been discovered in southern Africa. This is a sign from God telling us our economy is bad."

  tweetbaby14  |  17

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  boatkicker  |  4

47, if people aren't spending money how can the economy possibly be good? The economy is driven on money exchange. Whether or not it was bad to start with is up for debate, but right now, BECAUSE NO ONE IS SPENDING MONEY, the economy is in the toilet.

  andrysb24  |  5

that's what I was thinking. after my first year of college I tried getting a temporary job there for the summer but they told me I was overqualified, maybe it happened to you OP


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  katgurl  |  13

... Why so serious #156 ?

#80 seemed like she was just joking anyway, just to tell herself it's cool she didn't get the job.. and I can't believe that I read through your whole rant :S

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