By Anonymous - 20/09/2010 07:10 - United Kingdom

Today, my job application for McDonald's was rejected. This is the second time. FML
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it's hard to find a job in these hard economic times.

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21 is right. they rejected my application at taco bell. what has this world come too!!?

At McDonalds, we have a hiring to win program. it's the online application. There's so many people wanting a job that if you score anything less than green, you won't even get the interview.

They don't just accept anyone anymore, I was getting told by someonethat you need your 5 A*-Cs and possibly AS/A levels to get in >.<

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Believe it or not McDonald's is a great first job, or job in general. I've been working there for 3 years, since i was 14 1/2 years old, and its been great! The company offers many job opportunities, not just maintenance and grill work.

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The economy isn't actually bad. People just aren't spending money because they THINK that the economy's bad. Who caused this? News broadcasters, durr. "It appears a rainbow trout has been discovered in southern Africa. This is a sign from God telling us our economy is bad."

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mcdonalds is awful. has any1 ever seen the documentary, Food Inc? and 46, I hope ur some type of manager/supervisor after 3 yrs

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47, if people aren't spending money how can the economy possibly be good? The economy is driven on money exchange. Whether or not it was bad to start with is up for debate, but right now, BECAUSE NO ONE IS SPENDING MONEY, the economy is in the toilet.


#5 and #6 look like brothers....just wanted to point that out lol carry on!

I agree with 47. I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't brainwashed by the media.

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Try Burger King instead. I also hear Wendys pays a LOT of money. 1 dollar a day is pretty good, right?

it's cuz bush is a douche and ****** you Americans over and now you can't bail yourself's out

Stiggy626 25

it's funny when people just throw words and names together and have no idea what they are talking about

maybe you're too well educated or something? rofl

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that's what I was thinking. after my first year of college I tried getting a temporary job there for the summer but they told me I was overqualified, maybe it happened to you OP

Happened to me, actually. I decided it was because I couldn't say "do you want fries with that?" in a cheap, whorish enough voice.

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Wow... you really typed THAT MUCH as a response? Sounds like your life is fail.

You go to college and can't even spell "considered"

... Why so serious #156 ? #80 seemed like she was just joking anyway, just to tell herself it's cool she didn't get the job.. and I can't believe that I read through your whole rant :S

you talk too much, they were just kidding don't get all offended, sheesh

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Hey 156, it should be job opportunity are going to be* huge.

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Aaahhhhh, I see what you did there.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic, pendatik!

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me too especially cause i lived there funny ass pic lol

ooh, it's time for your last resort, the wallmart.

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Or join me in the McDonalds IN walmart! :D hahaha

I agree dude... you're probably overqualified. :3 SORRY!

there are two types of people who get hired at micky ds, crazy illegal mexicans, and 16 year old disabled boys with excessive acne so are you both?

Schizomaniac 24

I'm guessing that the OP was trying to get the job at Mcdonalds. But that's just my opinion.

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ok ok 59 and 60 we get it he IS for the win...sheesh lol

hmmm perhaps you should try apply jobs elsewhere? :) good luck!

then find another job! mcdonald doesn't pay well and " we choose mcdonald not they choose us! "