By Puppysit88 - 16/04/2009 21:36 - United States

Today, I was petsitting for my neighbor's new puppy. A huge thunderstorm came, and the puppy started whining and shivering violently. I pulled it into my lap to try and comfort it. One loud clap of thunder later, and the puppy had explosive diarrhea all over me. FML
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hahah ew that sucks. poor puppy :(

Aww, I'm sorry. At least you didn't have it, yourself!


I can picture this in my head a cute little puppy in a girls lap being snuggled and shivering thunder hits and the puppy goes O_* and ***** the **** outta him all over u as he runs away crying and u r left there looking down goin D:>

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Aww, I'm sorry. At least you didn't have it, yourself!

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lolz, that is why i dont let dogs anywhere near me i dont hate them or anything, just some bad experiences :(

lawlz. maybe u should have just used the thunder to cover the sound of the gunshot when u killed the dog. XD

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hahah ew that sucks. poor puppy :(

that is a fml! sooo gross. a freaking puppy. can't stay mad at them though - they are just too cute (although after that i don't know cute i'd consider that puppy).

What asshole would say you deserved that?

He did. Hold dogs while they are on the ground. Puppies don't know better yet and something the puppy isn't use to only makes it worse. Cuddle the dog but don't hold it on your lap. Common sense.

My experience is to show the dog a safe place-an inside room (so the thunder is quieter and the lightning flashes aren't visible) or even a small hideaway ("thunder fort" made of couch cushions)-and to show the dog where it is during such traumatic things early on. Vacuums are another thing this is good for.

Good for you for trying to comfort the puppy. Just remember most animals poop when scared! XD