By The Horrible Older Sister - 02/09/2012 10:07 - United States - Phoenix

Today, my little sister came home crying because someone had shown her a video about the Slender Man. Trying to calm her down, I explained to her that he wasn't real, just like Santa Claus. She looked up at me and said "Santa's not real?" It's been 3 hours, and she hasn't stopped crying. FML
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Oh great. First she gets the shit scared out of her, and then you ruin her childhood. Why don't you just tell her there's no Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy and get it over with.


Psych101 9

OP clearly thinks so too, look at her user name.

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73- have you ever watched Supernatural?? Monsters are real!

Show her LilyPichu's "Slendy's Lullaby" :)

She might as well tell her the truth about Gods too.

"Unicorns are real though! Unfortunately, they're sold on the black market for food, clothing, decorations--" *more crying* "...****."

124- Of coarse unicorns are real, there just fat, gray, and nicknamed rhinos :D

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Lol at people thumbing up and talking about unicorns but no one bothers to say anything about #119's comment.

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I honestly think lying to ones kids about some magical man who can go around the world in one night is horrific and monster like. Santa isn't God. (weather you believe in God or not.) And this is my 100th comment. Yay! :D

Seems like some people, like this little girl. Are upset that the magic man is not real.

If you want your sense of wonderment back, try reading some well-written popular science books. :)

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146 - because anyone who debates about god always brings the argument to a stalemate. Both sides never prove the existence, but one puts morals and faith into an account. Though, from personal experience, I believe.

So I have to give evidence that God does not exist? I know unicorns are not real, but that is because people who claim there are cannot prove it. It just makes them feel better to think they are real. For some reason God is the most appealing. Maybe because it is a illusion of knowledge. Dont know something? God did it.

You don't talk about "him" because if you do... Slender Mans comin to getcha!

Translation: You did deserve it a bit. But wow, 3 hours

2 - Did you put that sentence through a blender?

or.... Translation: You did earn it a bit, but 3 hours? Wow!

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Good Lord. That sentence was butchered!

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Slender man is some scary shit, especially at night. *Shudder*

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What is Slenderman? I'm too scared to find out myself.

You don't want to know... It is really creepy.

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All slendy wants is a hug. Don't run away, turn around, walk to him, and give him an affectionate hug!

kittytub 12

slenderman is the reason I have to sleep facing the door at night now. -meow.-

Just play the game and find out, you should be too scared though I almost shit myself playing

54- he's a tall guy in a business without a face that STEALS THE SOULS OF CHILDREN!!! That escalated quickly didn't it?

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Exactly Noor, you got the message. I didn't want slender man to know, NOW HE DOES EVERYONE RUN

lucy_hewitt15 6

Hell yea!! He's at the mall every Christmas!! I wonder how he visits all of them??? 0_o

Santa Claus is a creepy-ass, fat stalker. "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake". You'd better watch out.

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I'm tempted to Google slender man.

BeforeItWasCool 12

Google away. The original post from SA forums is still up I think. You'll soon find just how fake Slendy is, but he's a fun character.

My favorite is the blog "just another fool".

BeforeItWasCool 12

Do it. But not now, do it at 2:30 a.m, while you're drunk off your ass.

I did it last night and didn't sleep. Don't do it!

My brother made me play the game slender :o I'm still scared at night..

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leogirl95 12

Sometimes it's so bad that the button needs to be pushed and it needs to be said.

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It's this really tall white guy with no face that preys on children that fear him. He mostly hangs in the woods, but will leave them to find you. Also, if you see him in the background of a picture you took, he'll come for you.

Oh great. First she gets the shit scared out of her, and then you ruin her childhood. Why don't you just tell her there's no Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy and get it over with.

Doc, you forgot to mention unicorns and leprechauns!

Tooth Fairy's real. I got money for putting teeth under my pillow, and my fobby-ass parents don't know anything about that myth/tradition. Tooth Fairy also seems so like candy; I once went to sleep intending to save a piece of gum for myself in the morning by putting it under my pillow, and I found a dollar in its place. No gum to be found. Kinda pissed me off.

78, you are extremely gullible if you believe your parents don't know about the tooth fairy.

How do you not know that you little sitter still believed in Santa Claus? It's like a family thing to know that!