By douchegamer - New Zealand - Auckland
Today, after an argument with my pianist girlfriend about how bad my favourite song would sound on the piano, she stormed out of the room crying, leaving behind a CD. It was the piano version of the song she'd made for me. FML
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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

He shouldn't have been so harsh about it. He needs to apologize to her, spoil her for an evening and ask her to perform the song on the piano, because he will love it. He's already admitted that he's a douche, per his username.


Technically, he shouldn't have to. It's not like the girlfriend showed him the cover first, and then he commented on how bad it was. He didn't know, and she got way too sensitive over something so minor and a small. Honestly.

  valleyshooter  |  8

How would that make him a dick. He had no idea what she done for him. Otherwise he would have kept his mouth shut and went with it because of the thought that she put behind it. Sorry op. listen to it than tell her she was right. It is an awesome song to listen to on the piano. Or at least an "ok"song. Or something that would show you appreciated what and she had done.

  DjeePee  |  24

"He argued with her"

Yeah, that's what people tend to do sometimes in their relationship, arguing. That doesn't make them dicks. In my humble opinion, the girlfriend is more to blame than the OP. She could have avoided the argument by saying: "If you think your song will sound bad, you really have to listen to this piano version I made for you" or something similar. And if OP still didn't like it, she should suck it up. If he doesn't like a particular song on the piano, it doesn't mean he doesn't like her (playing the piano). OP's girlfriend has to realise that.

  nattynatters  |  14

This one really bothers me because it's like she set him up for a fight. I doubt the conversation would have gotten as heated if they were just talking hypothetically and she hadn't made a CD. He didn't know. How could he? She got defensive in a conversation that was a trap to see how he might feel about her gift. She should have been confident about her gift and just given it.


I just can't imagine someone arguing so passionately about something so stupid. Let alone, passionately enough to make their girlfriend cry, over something, once again, that is so STUPID. SHE'S the pianist, the least he could have done was asked her to prove it. That to me sounds like a dick. Yes, couples argue. Yes, he didn't know. But seriously, when you get something so stupid become that heated that you make someone cry, you're a dick.

  Setareh23  |  34

I can understand where she's coming from... if I get my boyfriend something I'm not sure he'll like, I ask his opinion of it and if he responds negatively I just don't give it to him. However, if she was going to cry about it in the end, she should have just told him from the start. I feel bad for both of them. Not OP's fault though.

  SAspring  |  17

A piano bar? That's a really cool idea. I wonder if there's something like that around my area. Piano versions of any song sounds great if done well enough in my opinion.

  SillyGirl4602  |  23

I think she is trying to say that op should make his girlfriend feel better even if the song doesn't sound good. She should not have cried over his comment/ their argument? I'm just guessing though because the comment is not worded right.