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By  blondie45  |  21

Why should your employer have to suffer a loss for your “forgetfulness”? You wouldn’t like it if he forgot to pay your salary. So why should he like it when you forget to charge his customers? Without income in a business there is no profit to pay salaries. Grow up and stop whining. It was your mistake. Take responsibility and learn from it.

  blondie45  |  21

So earning a a low salary gives you the right to be negligent with your employer’s business? Ain’t never gonna climb no food chain with that bad attitude!

By  duchessinky  |  11

A) That might be illegal. Your local labor board probably has a website.
B) It might be against company policy. Call the chain's HR Dept and ask.
C) That's a shit thing to do as a manager. It fucks up employee morale and causes people to leave, which costs the restaurant far more in training new staff and turnover-related problems.