By Danana - 26/01/2009 21:08 - Canada

Today, one of the kids I was babysitting tried to hard boil eggs using the microwave. You cannot hard boil eggs using the microwave. It makes a mess. This we have learned. FML
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....eggs go boom?! nice.

its called hard-BOILED means you have to boil them duhhh


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....eggs go boom?! nice.

its called hard-BOILED means you have to boil them duhhh

#7, you are my favourite person for today. lol. omg!! lol. on another note, what the hell kind of babysitter are you? why would you let them do that? I wouldn't let you babysit my kids anymore if/when I found out. If you let them do that, who knows what else you let them do...probably watch porn. YDI

yeah...eggs in the microwave explode...i was under the impression that everyone knew that one...guess not

#4 - um - alluminium foil - in the microwave - whatttt!

I actually cover the egg in plastic (thin plastic foil) and use this method to cook my eggs (seriously). It rocks! And how fuck is this person a bad babysitter because of that? It is science; and that works, bitches.

So what...just clean least it was contained

I'd have let them do it too, just to see how long it'd cook before it exploded. Then I'd make them clean it up. #7 - Please. Enough with the MOST overused Billy Madison quote ever. Every forum on the net has this quote because some halfwit thought it was a clever way to bash someone else. The post was not incoherernt, nor was it rambling. At least use a relevant quote. Grow up.

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i have always wanted to try that! was it fun?