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By Anonymous - 20/08/2018 08:30 - United States - Brick

Today, I found out that my new serving job does in fact take the time out to write a check for $0.00. FML
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Gotta love how it's legal that servers aren't paid even minimum wage it's bullshit I think 😡


Is that even legal, much less possible?

Long ago when I worked as a dishwasher, when the servers made too much in tips they did not get paid their hourly and got a check for 0.00 instead. It’s pretty stupid.

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They should get both. Why rely on the diners to pay the restaurant staff?

I can think of at least three ways a server can lose money. 1) Buy meals at the restaurant, 2) breaking glasses or plates, 3) allowing a table to dine ‘n dash (hog n job, eat n cheat, chew n screw, etc.) All these could add up to net zero pay.

Actual, servers get paid like $3 an hour and live on tips. The hourly rate gets taken out for taxes and it ends up at 0.00

Actually it's because a server is often paid just enough to cover taxes (my last serving gig was $2.13/he before taxes). Their claimed tips are added to that to determine a total hourly rate for a pay period. The restaurant only has to ensure that the server makes an average of minimum wage over a pay period. So, if the server has averaged at least minimum wage over a two week pay period the base wage is all that is paid, all of which is taken out for various taxes which results in a $0 check. Granted, if a server is good, works prime shifts, and gets a closing section they can easily average $20-$25/hr in tips, especial on Friday and weekend nights.

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They have to. Even if their check is completely taken for taxes

Did you go cash your invisible check at the bank for some invisible money?

Gotta love how it's legal that servers aren't paid even minimum wage it's bullshit I think 😡

What’s really bullshit is that people know that servers only make tips, and then go out to eat and don’t tip saying bullshit like “it’s not my fault they don’t pay their workers living wages” and then the server has to tip out 3 to 5 percent on those sales, regardless of if that costs them money or not. It’s the person’s fault for participating in the whole scenario created by that establishment, being aware of it, and then fucking over the server. It would end up costing the same if they paid the workers cause people would be paying same amount the tip would have been in the increased food price.

And that is the worst part of the system in place. When servers are forced to pay taxes on money they never got. I once waited on a party that was over $1000. They left $20. So I had to cover another$20 out of my pocket for taxes since the government said I made at least $90.

Looks like you double-faulted.🎾 Does the check read, “Love dollars and love cents/xx?”

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How much stuff did you break

Y’all acting like she broke things, it’s zero dollars because the typical $2.13 an hour servers get doesn’t even cover taxes.

I worked in restaurants for years, and I'm familiar with this. You will get a $0 check if all the money on your check is going to cover the taxes from the tips you made. In other words you made a lot of tips. They have to give you a check because federal law says they are to do so so you can keep track of taxes paid, income to date, anybody paid into insurance, etc.

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wow, that is so bullshit, it's slave labour 😶 I live in Europe and even the lowest of the low have to be paid minimum wage and it's the employer who pays the taxes, health insurance, etc for the employee. I mean, of course they try to minimize the costs by hiring under the table or writing in the minimal wage while really paying 16 an hour (my boyfriend for example) but even that is better than straight up leeching off the employees damn

Keep in mind, when I was getting these $0 checks, it was because I made $500-$1000 that week in tips. You still have to pay taxes on your earnings, and your hourly wage covered that.

My last paycheck from JCPenney was written out for $0.00.

Yeah, for taxes. It allows that you paid taxes on whatever you claimed in tips. It means you didn't make enough hourly to cover the taxes on what you claimed in tips but don't worry you'll get a nice big bill at the end of the year.