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Today, I took my two kids to a Christmas festival with a train theme. I spent $24 on conductor hats for them. When I gave them the hats, they threw them on the ground and put the red paper bags they came in on their heads. FML
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  I_R_Genius  |  3

Troll have my babies please please? Me love you long time xD. But, that's what you get for spending that kind of money without knowing what your kids waned shame shame.

  Moemoemoe_fml  |  0


If it was about simplicity, they'd have asked the mom for paper bags and that's it. The story we've been told is about spoiled bratty kids throwing away expensive gifts as if they were trash.

It doesn't matters that they 'preferred the bag', they still shouldn't treat a present their mom paid a lot of money for, as if it was trash to discard. It's bad manners and a huge waste of money.

Doing so doesn't make them simple, it makes them bratty entitled kids that are so spoiled they think they don't have to respect their mom or the value of they family's money. Probably think money grow on trees and they can get whatever they want, too...


34, I don't recall the FML saying the kids asked for the hats. For all we know the mum could have purchased them thinking they would like them.
The money thing also depends on how old the kids are. If they were to be 3-4 you really wouldn't expect them to know what's 'expensive' and what's not. Yes, what they did wasn't right and they should be sat down and explained to about how the hats cost money.
If they were to have asked for the hats, then they're brats. Not necessarily spoiled since once again they MIGHT (they might know, and are spoiled) not know the values if money. In any occasion I wouldn't buy my son a hat that cost that much so OP deserves it for that as well. If they didn't ask for the hats and OP got them then OP deserves it.

By  knibbsy  |  4

How vile! The children must be at least teenagers to be able to ejaculate in the bag, which makes one wonder how awful of a parent you are to have raised your kids to think wearing a semen-coated bag as a hat is appropriate.