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Oh my gosh second. wow. I command thee to thumb me down.

hmm... reminds me of family guy, when peter put jet fuel in his car because he thought it would fly, lol...fyl dude...


ummm aviation fuel is the same as regular gas except higher octane like race fuel the engine wouldn't blow up the pistons may chip but it would still run even if you threw a rod

To someone who may not know much about cars, he may have thought it exploded.

ummm.... if you put airplane fuel in a car it wont blow up... it just flies away

To your information, many model air planes fly on methanol, which is more ore less pure alcohol! it will damage the car. My dad has a plane with a 5cc model air plane engine, it runs on methanol and puts out about ½ HP, imagine then what it would do to a normal car!

Small aircraft fuel (100LL) is simply leaded gas with a higher octane rating. A car will run fine on it. The effective octane of 100LL using the automobile octane rating is something like 115. Way back when, I filled up my gas tank with aviation fuel a few times to go racing. The most notable effect was that the engine ran amazingly smooth. On my car, with moderate performance modifications, I had to check my tach to make sure the engine was running. Aviation fuel is leaded gas, so it will damage some things, such as the O2 sensor and catalytic converters. That's the only reason not to use it. Even if you damage both, the car will continue to run and drive, it just won't be running perfectly for emissions, because the computer won't be able to sense how much fuel is going out the exhaust (the purpose of the O2 sensor), and the catalytic converter won't clean up the exhaust as well. I've known people in a whole variety of cars that used it, as well as motorcycles and other gasoline powered equipment. Now, if that was Jet-A fuel, it would likely be a different story. I don't know how many people would have Jet-A at home, nor how many would call their grandfather's jet a "small plane". Hey, if you can say "Oh Grandpa has a small plane. It's a Gulfstream G650", I want to go hang out with Grandpa for a while. :) Some people mentioned it may be fuel for RC airplanes. Did he have a 5 gallon can of that stuff laying around?? That'd be enough to last an RC person a lifetime. :)

Holy shit really? I'm going to put airplane gas in my lawnmower and tear some ass

I can see your lawmower roaring to life then just say F**K YOU! and zoom away she goes

you're an idiot... avgas is blue and smells completely different how couldn't you tell

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i gave you a thumbs up. because the way you commanded us was pretty cool. anyways, not sure how much i believe this. it happened in csi, and the whole car blew up..

yes, because everything you see on tv is real.

damn straight everything on TV is real

i gave thumbs upp too

i guess you know now what happens if you don't use regular fuel... holy crap, fyl.

hmm... reminds me of family guy, when peter put jet fuel in his car because he thought it would fly, lol...fyl dude...

that sucks, but your grandpa can probably buy you a new car. he has an airplane, ffs. also, cash for clunkers, amirite?

little cessnas can start till 15k

make him pay you back

I'm calling a fake. Your grandpa has two gas tanks in his garage, and didn't label them? His car would "blow up" if he used the wrongone. Also, if your car blew up, wouldn't you have died, and we'd have heard about it on the news?

Many of the FMLs are fake. I personally don't give a shit anymore. Just enjoy the stories.

Yeah, he would have noticed that the gas smelled different.

OP's engine blew up, not their car. That isn't newsworthy, nor is it usually fatal. You should either learn to read or learn a thing or two about cars. Anyways, that sucks OP. That is why I keep a gas can in my car. I hope you got a new car!

For all you haters: The gasoline used for airplanes is much higher octane, like 105 or so. When you put that in a normal car, it runs great, you get more power, but the engine overheats. So the term "blowing up" means that the engine overheated and seized up, possibly a cracked head. So he would not have died. Dude, just pay attention to your car.

thank you! couldn't have said it better myself! stop calling fake! just enjoy the laugh

Higher octane does not give higher power. Higher octane gives higher resistance to knock, which means it can be used in higher-performance engines. Putting high-octane fuel in an engine made for regular-octane fuel doesn't do anything except waste money.

if you use lower octain fuel, it doesn't last as long, you jack ass

Aviation gas is 100 octane. Engines with high compression need higher octane, but engines with lower compression are unaffected. Higher octane gas won't give you more power and it won't make your engine fail. You can always use the lowest octane your engine will take without knocking. For almost all cars, this is regular. If you buy higher octane gas than that, you're just wasting money. As for airplane gas, unless there's some other additive in auto gas that your engine needs that avgas doesn't have, then there shouldn't be any harm. Finally, avgas is like $1.50/gallon more than auto gas.

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