You dipstick!

By mah - 16/01/2010 02:25 - United States

Today, while getting gas, a hottie pulled-up to the pump next to me. I finished filling my tank and started to drive away. As I was checking her out and paying no attention to my driving, I ended up taking the front bumper off her car with my truck. FML
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Sucks for you >.< Get her number, (insurance number) >:D

Today, I pulled up to the petrol station, and this creepy git kept staring at me, I was starting to get scared, so I turned my back on him, relived he was pulling away. He must have been to busy staring at my ass, because he took the front bumper off my car. FML


Sucks for you >.< Get her number, (insurance number) >:D

My first thought exactly

He deserved it because he's dumb enough not to look at the road -.-

haha I just read another fml exactly like this

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Well, at least now you have a reason to talk to her =]

agreed, sounds like a nice icebreaker...

YDI for driving a truck.


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And that's why us males have a higher accident rate.......not our fault

If you're curious... women have the higher accident rate. But men have a higher rate of lethal accidents.

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really? I thought I saw a statistic saying males get into more accidents..... alright thanks

Not sure if that stat was U.S. or global, but it was in the fantastic bestseller /Traffic/.

hopefully you got her know, to talk about the insurance.

haha, perfect way to get a dinner.

Great first impression.

Yes! I'm first! Everyone sucks but me! Number one!!!

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No, you're #10, loser troll...