By Anonymous - Canada
Today, my boyfriend of 5 years admitted why his pet name for me is "his beautiful swan". Apparently, the first few years we were dating, he and his friends secretly referred to me as "the ugly duckling" because my sister was so much hotter. FML
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  Ftw2010  |  0

Well his friends might have been mad at her because he was spending all his time with her my friends try to break up me and my gf by putting one of there moms bras in my room but I explained and it was ok op don't feel bad he is still with you so that's cool

By  x3chibi  |  0

Uhh ... no. I couldn't be with a guy that looked at my sister or even dared compared me to someone when in a relationship. Love isn't about comparison. Then again, not everyone's all about the love. It's a superficial world.

  deja54  |  0

If you can't stand being compared to other people, by what token is anyone supposed to appreciate you?

Shouldn't they be with you because they have compared you to other people and think you're the best catch? Anything else would just be settling, right?

  jolar1  |  0

We're all intelligent people here, right? So I'm sure I don't need to point out to you that it was not the boyfriend who was making the comparisons but his friends. You knew that, right?

  fromthesuck  |  8

too bad you're so self concious you can't stand being compared to others. looks like your only matches can only ever be idiots that are constantly self medicated that are with you only because nothing better came along