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Today, I was at the gas station pumping gas when the lady in front of me had a little boy who asked if he could pump the gas. She said yes and then quickly answered her phone, as it was ringing. She wasn't watching him and he pulled out the pump to early, spraying gas all over me, including my face. FML
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that sucks I hope u don't smoke

That sucks.. dumb lady. fyl indeed.


that sucks I hope u don't smoke

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well now he can say I got a money shot from a little kid

at least you learned the lesson. NEVER HAVE KIDS!

What the hell was she doing using her mobile phone while refuelling, anyway? Here (Australia) there are always signs up warning people not to use radio/current-emitting devices while operating petrol bowsers.

And its illegal to let anyone under 16 use the petrol pump. I've seen kids/their parents get yelled at by the employees at the petrol station and asked to leave because its so dangerous.

That's what I was going to say. If you don't have a license, at least in the States, you're not allowed to pump gas. That lady should be fined.

all she needs now is a match

Two things: First of all, there is no age specification to pump gas in the states. I've seen youngsters pumping gas countless times and nobody has ever said a word to them BECAUSE THERE'S NO REASON TO. Second, all gas pumps have safety mechanisms that do not allow you to "spray" the pump unless the mechanism is cocked back either by your car's tank opening or your hand, so this FML is a load of shit.

Unless the kid was pumping diesel, which often doesn't have said mechanism. BUT anyone who has ever seen the way gas comes out of a pump knows it has no distance and there's no way it could have sprayed OP unless they were standing right next to the kid, which obviously was not the case because OP said the kid and lady were in front of her/him.

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Where the hell were you pumping gas, OP? Most pumps are so spaced apart, that the person in front, behind or on side of you could never spray you....especially not unintentionally. If he pulled the hose over near you and you watched him do it, then you're an idiot for letting it happen. However, most pump hoses don't extend far enough for this to have been this big of an issue.

I live in Virginia, and managed a gas station. All of the gas pumps had signs that said you needed to be at least 16 to pump gas. We also had a kid about the age of 3-4 who pulled the gas handle out of his mother's car, completely covering himself in gas. We had to call an ambulance and everything...

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#6 lmao so true

Light a match, drop it, and sing kumbaya

atleast hear in Virginia you not allowed unless you got your license. it's illegal even if you've got your permit

using your cell phone at a gas pump can cause an explosion,, so I'd say you got of easy with a spraying

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Haha he got hosed.

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lmao that's soo funny u should of fliped shit on her it's not that bad thoe just shower and wash ur clothes

#52 one time I got sprayed the machine because it was broken. It went all over me and my car. It's definitely possible for this to happen if there's enough pressure.

It says on the gas nozzles here that you must have a license to pump, and I live in the States.

There are just so many sex references I am thinking about putting here....But I will let it pass by this time

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fail as far as parenting skills go.

WTF?? she gave birth to him at the gas station???

I live in California and have never seen any suggestions about age restrictions when it comes to pumping gas. Even if they did, IT IS NOT ILLEGAL.

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Even if it isn't illegal why would you let your child pump gas anyways??

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at least u smell good..jest bk of that i would tap u(unless rele ugly)

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65i live in va and never seen that and i cant drave and i rmember doin it wen i was lije 40r5

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can cell phones really cause gas station fires?... ... ... *puts down phone* >_< I live in NY, and I've NEVER seen age requirements, yet I haven't seen any children pumping either.

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I skimmed the FML too fast and thought he sad he was pumping a little boy's ass.

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Um I always read on the pump's handel that anyone who does not have a drivers' license is not authorized to pump the gas. Too bad I found this out years after my step dad deliberately made me pump the gas every time we were out.

bugmenotmofo 34

Um I always read on the pump that anyone who does not have a drivers' license is not authorized to pump the gas. Too bad I found this out years after my step dad deliberately made me pump the gas every time we were out.

your going to reak of gas for hella long

102 I live in NY also.. There is definitely an age requirement atleast in the city there is

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yeah man that stuff can cause a horrible explosion..then the gas companies will look the bad guys because a lady couldn't wait 2 minutes for a phone call

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#79 my thoughts exactly. But since there's a child involved.. I'd rather not get into that haha.

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i hate when parents let their kids do shit like that

the kid was squeezzing the handle

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there is a list of rules right on the nozzle and one of them strictly states "person pumping gas must have a valid driver's license."

where i live its 16 age limit, and you can spray yourself if you don't pay attention. i would have screamed at the mum and made her pay up for all my ruin clothes, wasted time as the gas is toxic so you need to go to hospital which SHE should pay for. problem solved!

yr post is full of shit, theres no such safety device, i ride a bike and i leave the nozzle about an inch from the opening and spray it in.

I'm not sure of the pumps,you are talking about because to me it seems like the gas comes out pretty fast.

That sucks.. dumb lady. fyl indeed.

when I was reading this it said " when the lady in front of me ha a kid" I thought she was giving birth. lol

Yeah, it was written quite poorly.

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That's one he'll of an idiot, letting her kid pump petrol that you have to be over 16 to do and answering her phone in a petrol station something that's illegal. I would have reported her

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i dont think that lady should let the kid pump the gas

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^captain obvious lol

what happened to the sign that says kids are not supposed to pump? suck for you op.

i thought you can't talk on the phone at the gas station? or is it like that only in my country? :b anyways FYL.

Here in the US, there are signs that warn you about the possible static charge that cell phone use can cause and the possibility of an explosion occurring due to said charge, but there are no laws or rules against. The chances of something exploding due to a cell phone are about as slim as getting struck by lightning.

Girlie, seriously: you're lucky to be alive. So much could have gone horribly wrong with that scenario, and that mother should be evaluated by Family and Children's Services. What she did is so irresponsible as to be probably criminal. I'm sure that there's an age at which you should be disallowed from pumping gasoline unsupervised. Just ONE situation of a person's cell phone sparking or lighter/charger outlet for a cell phone and the gas sprayed into that car, or a person standing a distance away but smoking... Or, if you'd left the gas station and encountered any spark or flame at any point between the gas station and your home... Some people are too stupid to have kids.

1. there is not age restriction to pump gas. (it is not criminal) 2. she was not the one pumping gas so her being on a cell phone is irrelevant 3. mythbusters + cell phone gas fire episode (it's HARD to light a gas station aflame with a cell phone when you're TRYING). i will however agree with you in that the kid should have been supervised (or in the VERY least told to release the handle first).

Oh yeah, because Mythbusters is scientifically rigorous. Citing Wikipedia would almost be more authoritative than citing Mythbusters.

How about snopes, then? No evidence has ever been found of a cell phone triggering an explosion at the pump, and fires that HAVE been attributed to cell phones have been found, on further investigation, to have resulted from something else.

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actually there is an age restriction to pump gas, and by the sounds of the comments, this is the case in multiple countries. and ok so maybe starting a fire is unlikely...mythbusters said it was HARD not IMPOSSIBLE so you go ahead and use your phone and when you blow the place up i'm sure we'll all think you deserve it.


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Don't talk shit about the USA. You're the assholes with fake bacon.

And yet they are the ones who have the most.

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wow what a dumb bitch. letting a minor pump gas that of course doesn't know how. then answering her phone. sounds like that bitch was on a suicide mission trying to blow the place. I feel sorry for ya having to deal with that. get the dumb bitch to pay for the clothing. or torch her car whatever you feel is best.

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gasoline fight! whooo!