By fuckingjesusgran - 07/05/2013 22:13 - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo

Today, while driving my grandma home from a family dinner, I had to pull into a gas station, because my tank was almost empty. She became convinced that someone would kidnap her while I went to pay, and eventually threatened to blow us up by tossing her lighter at the gas pumps. FML
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Its time to put Grandma in a home...

Comet_Candy 23

But what if she blows up the home? D:!!

If she does at least op wont be in it when it blows.

For Christ sake, we need an old people category already. Get on it FML team!!

*Sheldon Cooper voice* a home?? we could never put grandma in a home!!

*mutters* I could set the building on fire ...

groovycrazyjoe 18

what happen To GO grandparents

#1 I was gonna comment that but then I looked and saw you already typed it. Very funny.

Well at lest someone wouldn't kidnap her then!

Think about it. If you were crazy, would you abduct the old lady tying to blow everybody up, or the one in the wheelchair? Let me give you a tip, old people don't tend to check who's pushing them.

ttr125 10

"Got a case of dynamite, I could hold out here all night...."

ttr125 10

For some reason I'm seeing clips from Conkers Bad Fur Day playing in my head...should I be concerned?

Mmkay1515 21

She really recognized what the right thing to do in that situation was. Spot on, Grandma. Spot on.

What would that even accomplish? She'd just kill everyone, including herself. O.o

JFloUnknown 24

How did you just respond to yourself and get upvoted both times?

iLike2Teabag 27

It's a shame my girlfriend doesn't agree with that.

That was meant to be in the original comment.

kathryn14 19

Old people are crazy, I swear. And if I'm not crazy by the time I'm 80, I'm going to use my age as a free pass to act absolutely insane.

Who here wouldn't! We'd become a famed FML oldie!

in some countries such as spain its almost impossible to get in any serious trouble with the law after your 75. Thats where i plan to retire.


Congrats if you make it that far, me my life of bad choices and stupidity would never let me get that far . Don't worry though I will post an FML the day I die so I can show you guys I was right. All of you better vote to let my story in cause it will be my last!

Hey, not everyone can say their grandma is badass like that

Dallasluver19 14

Grandma is as confused as a **** with pants on... Bless.

That has just become my new favorite analogy.

my_name_is_earl 9
beastiness 14

Women weren't allowed to fight in war until around the time of Vietnam and still are restricted from infantry and special forces unit so no PTSD is not the problem

ApollosMyth 22

You don't have to be in actually infantry combat to suffer from PTSD. Look at military surgeons for instance.

my_name_is_earl 9

Allllllllrighhtttt lets not get technical here