By fuckingjesusgran - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Sarajevo
Today, while driving my grandma home from a family dinner, I had to pull into a gas station, because my tank was almost empty. She became convinced that someone would kidnap her while I went to pay, and eventually threatened to blow us up by tossing her lighter at the gas pumps. FML
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  isallwaysme  |  27

Think about it. If you were crazy, would you abduct the old lady tying to blow everybody up, or the one in the wheelchair? Let me give you a tip, old people don't tend to check who's pushing them.

  EVnIAS  |  13

Congrats if you make it that far, me my life of bad choices and stupidity would never let me get that far . Don't worry though I will post an FML the day I die so I can show you guys I was right. All of you better vote to let my story in cause it will be my last!

  beastiness  |  14

Women weren't allowed to fight in war until around the time of Vietnam and still are restricted from infantry and special forces unit so no PTSD is not the problem