By rolypoly - 05/03/2014 12:33 - United Kingdom

Today, I achieved a personal goal by completing a half-marathon for charity, despite being overweight and unfit before training. When I finished I cried, not because I was proud of myself, but because I ran the last 2 miles while being followed by kids on bicycles calling me a "fat cunt". FML
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Meaniebobeanie 26

That's absolutely horrible I'm so sorry :( tbh I don't think I could've finished it if that had happened to me. You must be very strong willed. Congrats and sorry again.


Yeah! I know it might be hard not to care, but try.

anfscd 17

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#54... please explain how #30 telling OP to not care about wat the kids saying is being callous? im pretty sure she was trying to be nice?!

Since OP called it FML it surely sucked but there is no reason for feeling humiliated. Running a half marathon is something to be proud of, and these kids had to follow her on bicycles because they most likely couldn’t keep up without bikes. Ignore what they called you. They are not on your level.

anfscd 17

Well, seeing as it was placed as a reply to #1 and not as a comment, I thought #30 was telling the former not to care, not OP.

101 just won sass master of the week.

SemiAuto 21

Hey. They were probably ugly. And while you can lose weight, they'll always be ugly. Do not let a few kids bring you down. You are better than that.

they are ugly personalities but might be good-looking, they will get knocked out one day and change there ways then they'll be nice and you'll still be fat lol

#198 I see someone remembered to eat their douche flakes this morning :D

aww that's horrible! Don't care about those should be proud of yourself though :)

what the eff! some people just need a good backhand to the face. urrgg

OP! You did great! I am proud of you! Don't let those kids bother you anymore. Look at us, we are all here for you. :) You are definitely a good role model to learn from! ^^

#101 Why would I say that to the comment, I just put it here because I agreed with what the comment said first.

Agreed. Ugly souls that prey on the dignity of others to make themselves feel better about themselves. Good for you for finishing and achieving your goal despite the physical AND emotional/mental challenges!!

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That's hilarious. Listen to this person.

OP, I know how it feels. I've had similar experiences just on a different topic. Just remember, you don't have to care what people have to say if you cant control what they say anyway.

smilevue 23

Should have pushed these cheeky twats down their bikes.

I wish I could smack the shit out of those kids.

buttcramp 21

yeah! **** those kids, OP! this is a huge accomplishment for anyone! be very proud of yourself!

Ignore the chavs, their opinion means nothing.

Qwermy 16

They're a British subculture of idiots. Take your average frat-boy douche, cross it with the cast of Jersey Shore, add in a bit of ghetto culture, take 50 points off the resultant IQ of that combination, and that's kind of what they're like. They also say "innit" or swear every other word. And I'm assuming you're American, so I put it in American terms.

killinpoptarts 9

#163 thank you for explaining that! I have a guy in class that calls the teacher that and we all thought it was a compliment

Meaniebobeanie 26

That's absolutely horrible I'm so sorry :( tbh I don't think I could've finished it if that had happened to me. You must be very strong willed. Congrats and sorry again.

Remember young one, it is them, the kids on the bicycles, that are the fat *****. OP, the fact that you carried on with all the problems surrounding you, it means you are a great person and you should cry out those manly tears. You did this for charity, those kids did what they did for stupidity. I don't know you, but you have earned my respect OP.

The fact that I read that in Mr. Freeman's voice makes it all the sweeter.

#86 For some reason gender was not showing on my phone when I commented. You are right. I am sorry about that.

raycewaytapp 1

Can we not correct Morqan Freeman though?

That's horrible. Shame on those kids, but good for you to finish strong and not give up to them

Hail in your achievement, they did nothing to deserve praise and you did.

dekat100 13

Hey ignore them! You did great and should be proud!

nerfballer 8

Jeez, I would have cried too...

b00kn3rd 14

You're awesome! Being overweight does not guarantee you are out of shape. You can lose the weight. They'll always be @$$holes.

jazzy_123 20

my friend once saw a girl running and he stuck his head out his car window and yelled FATTY!" at her (she was a little heavy) and he saw her again a couple of months later while walking down the street and she had lost some weight. So he went up to her and apologized for what he said and she just looked at him, kicked him in the nuts and ran off (:

ElementaryEdGuy 18

When people are overweight they can't win. They are mocked for being overweight, but whey they try to work on it by exercising people make rude comments like this and "Earthquake" thinking they're cute. Has anyone ever noticed this? I hate people, and I'm glad I'm not one.

#63 I think this is why some people shy away from trying to lose weight. They're afraid of putting themselves out there (in like gyms and such) and getting mocked...I always try to encourage, not discourage people.(:

63- You're not a people? What could you be, then?? /sarcasm

#75- I don't see how you got so many downvotes. I found it funny. Regardless, OP should feel proud. they rode bikes and she ran.

jazzy_123 20

69, agreed! I definitely need to work on losing weight but I discourage myself when I think of all the stuff people might say or think -,- and I'm usually not that type of person.

@75 & 133 Anti-joke chicken says what? Can you really only recognise sarcasm if it's tagged? To be fair, it wasn't obviously bullshit and 63 might actually believe he is of a different species. /sarcasm

nnnope 26

this is exactly the reason I don't go to the gym or go running. fat girls can't do anything without being mocked or's disgusting.

nnnope 26

editing because I didn't realize this was a thread and I was being redundant. oops.

Wow , I used to be overweight and that's exactly why I never ran publicly or went to the gym

you tried and succeeded, darling. you did something productive. you gave, which is more than they can say. good job. YOU are the winner, not them.