By DoggyBlues - 29/11/2011 01:50 - United States

Today, my fiancé told me he wants a security guard to come with us on our honeymoon to Hawaii. Apparently, watching Dog the Bounty Hunter has made him feel unsafe. FML
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Seriously guys, Dog the Bounty hunter is no laughing matter.

Tell him the truth. The only illegal activity on Hawaii is dealing pot :) not much goes on there except for amazingness.


He's just looking out for both of you guys (;

I don't always over protect my wife, but when I do I hire old A&E reality stars. Those guys from Storage Wars are badass too.

Mmmm... honey.

meh, they don't need protection, they could see them coming a mile away only by the sight of doug's wife's enormous, fake boobs...

Dog the Bounty Cunter is one of the most racist trashy fucks I've ever seen in my life. There is a place reserved in hell where Satan will use pineapples to sodomize the shit out of people and Dog will be there.

With that type of stereotypic mindset op's fiancé has, they probably will need a security guard. Btw, all those little tourist things that say "Hawaiian" are all FAKE It's just to make money. And when someone says "aloha" to you? You dont only say Aloha back.. You say "aloha mai"

What the hell is TMZ?

TMZ is just over dramatic news about things and celebirties that are not imortant. or was that ET... either way.

You're an idiot, 77.

I'm sorry, I've never seen a Dog the Bounty Hunter episode where Dog and his trash family go and work at a soup kitchen, then help build housing for homeless, and donate money to other charity organizations. I must have missed that somewhere in the filth that is that show.

Pack some heat along with your clothes. Problem solved.

Threesome with an extra beefcake?

I think they have strict gun control

Aw how funny ^_^

Seriously guys, Dog the Bounty hunter is no laughing matter.

Haha it's funny because he's mentaly handycaped.

And we're supposed to assume the same for you do to your spelling?

I know I make mistakes. I wasn't trying to be a hypocritical douche-bag. I was just pointing out that you shouldn't call someone handicapped, if you can't spell handicapped in the first place.


Ya damn right

Are you super cereal about this?

Tell him the truth. The only illegal activity on Hawaii is dealing pot :) not much goes on there except for amazingness.

Are you telling me Hawaii Five-O isn't everyday life there?!?

Actually it's "ice". Lol. I watch the shows because my boyfriend likes it. -_-

Hawaii 5-0 is awesome! But yea not much goes on there illegally... that the public knows about.

Oooook. I'm praying for sarcasm, cause that's just ignorant.

and ice is actually crystal meth

That true. I live here, and while tons of people smoke pot...That's pretty much all that happens. Not much crime at all.

Imagine it, a big strong guy forced to spend time with you :P

Sounds like an epic 3some.

Or 6some if you include his wife.

Maths is hard!

I said 6some because of the OP, the fiancé, Dog the Bounty Hunter, the Dog's wife and her two enormously large fake breasts. If you knew anything about anything you would have gotten the direction of the joke. *shrug*

No, nobody could tell where your joke was headed.

Well. I guess you've never seen his wife and her massive boobs.

What grown man gets -that- scared after watching Dog the Bounty Hunter? Its comedy.

Apparently, that girls fiancé.

I've never heard of that lol

so, that's where your honeymoon money is going to? should be fun!

Does your fiancé have an outstanding warrant?