Double standard

By Sara1990 - 23/08/2010 11:40 - Australia

Today, I went on a double date with my bestfriend. At the end of the night, her boyfriend gave her a long kiss, and texted her 5 minutes after we left to say he missed her already. My boyfriend picked his nose, then gave me a fist bump as a goodbye. FML
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Wow really YDI. Stop comparing your boyfriend to other people its wrong. I hate when people do that. If you don't like the way your boyfriend acts tell him, ever thought of that. If his attitude doesnt change dump him.


number1playa 0

Haha sounds like you got the better end of the deal lmao

If you don't like the way he treats you, tell him. Or kick him in the jimmy.

NoelZ 0

you should have fist pumped his face

Jessi2487 0

fist pump?? tht sounds perverted lol

so wat u r lucky u have a bf you ugly *****!!!!! u r prob fat.... god get OVER urself u self absorbed btch!!!!

bravesfan112233 0

hey that was my boyfriend haha wats up Kathy

If he likes it, he'll put a ring on it. Quit complaining.

hahaha and u ask for more lol fyl looks like u have a buddy not a bf

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Ydi. Can't you see he wants a friend. Not a smothering bitch.

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I hate PDA like that. They were just attention whoring and trying to "one-up" your relationship. Which means they're a weaker couple but are afraid that you will notice and comment on it. You should be happier, OP. It means your boyfriend is more comfortable and serious with you; thus he doesn't feel the need to advertise to the entire world.

twinny_sc 13

Lol 47 read the comment again bf is meant to be "boyfriend" not "best friend." Haha that was a good first try though, better luck next time. :D

I know a girl called Sara too, who's boyfriend would do shit like that. I find this funny as she rejected me to go out with that as*hole :)

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Quit complaining and make the first move, stupid.

i think he's hinting that hes not interested.

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the textin he misses her is just plain clingy. the kiss is a good bye kiss. i do the same. but ops bf is a real shit head, he coulda tried to be alil romantic, its not that hard

the_flirtt 0

84 I don't think they will be dating anymore

well at least he didn't punch u it's a bump get over it lol my hubby and I mess around like that just to annoy each other =p keep it fresh lol romantic all the time can get boring ur asking for 2 much

pingpongpenguin 3

he sounds like an amazing boyfriend! (hers, not yours. yours sounds shitty)

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aww don't worry. your best friends boyfriend is a kiss ass

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umm. be greatful for what you can get...? that text just shows he depends on her to much and in the end, that sucks. ._.

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ur boyfriend sounds like a bro. make him a sammich. bros love them

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seriously? you don't know what fist pumping is? wow..

the first boyfriends a clingy sweet-boy. i miss you already? man card please.

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hey u bitch. this man is a genious he has opened up two gold mines and is tirelessly trying to collect gold . so don't complain about the long hours because the pay is worth it. he loves u more then u know.p.s. u could at least take up some of his hours for him.

66 you're gorgeous. and OP maybe he just doesn't know how to act around ladies

pet peeve-when people think best friend is only one word. -_- BEST FRIEND, PEOPLE. 2 words!

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sounds like her bf is possessive and wants to be talking to her 24/7. F your friends life. I mean cmon, 5 minutes?

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All that 'i miss you already' stuff isnt exactly genuine in most cases. Do you really expect your future husband to say things like that? prob not.. so why steal a friends guy? the 2 dudes were probably in the car talkin about how that date was boring as ass and glad to be done as he was texting his cute little message

f4everenergy 0

lol I'm just joking . why take it seriously?

Why would you expect someone to break up with someone for not kissing you for 5 minutes? Relationships aren't always about kissing and doing other "stuff", and it's not about looks, it's about personality.

That's not something to joke about weirdo or they will get the idea.

knibbsy 4

Exactly! It's so stupid and childish when a couple texts several minutes after they see each other saying they miss each other already. OP, this isn't a FYL, it's YDI for not realizing your bf isn't superficial.

Society has constructed a very unhealthy image of what love is. People think that just because their partner doesn't fall into the constructed, superficial ways of showing their "love", it means that they are unloved by them. If anything, your friend's partner sounds way too clingy as well that they are in the honeymoon phase of a relationship. If anything, your partner is more comfortable with you and willing to show his imperfections, which in the long run means a more successful relationship. And darnit, how was this a reply to someone? It was meant to be a comment on it's own.

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i understand the good bye kiss and affection but the i miss u already text is over the top. and yes society's image of love is ******. love is what u see it as not showin constant affection

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138... me & my bf do the post sex fist bump too. It's an awesome way to have fun and be serious too.

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shoulda fist bumped him in the face

that sucks poor you.. sounds like your friend got the better half there

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I have always wanted a bf like peeta from the hunger games... He seems so nice and handsome and.......

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