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Today, I went out with my ex-boyfriend on a date. The night consisted of me sitting in the back seat of his friend's truck while they drove around to pick up things for the party they were going to have that same night. After they picked everything up, he asked where I wanted to get dropped off. FML
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I have a feeling that only one side thought that this night was a date.


I was thinking the same thing. He obviously didn't think it was a date, so YDI for thinking it was and getting mad when it wasn't. Plus, he's an ex for a reason is he not?



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YDI for causng global warming. Al gore: 1 You: 0

I feel compelled to congratulate you trolls on your determination!

YDI for having a boyfriend who has friends.

YDI for not stealing his friend's truck.

YDI. You were probably the only person who assumed that it was a date.

@dikinass, You should probably grow one first

She should read He's Just Not That Into You!

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Haha, I second #61's motion!

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I approve it(: motion passed:P

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I have a feeling that only one side thought that this night was a date.

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are you saying he's your ex now because of this FML or was he already an ex before this FML?! Hmmm...

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This is a very serious question to consider. Was he your ex before or after?

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I'm thinking he was an ex at the time from the way it's worded, but I could be wrong.

DAMN FML KEPT SAYING MY COMMENT DIDN'T EXIST WHEN I TRIED TO EDIT... I meant "guys'," not "guy's." As in, no girls allowed except hookers.

It appears every now and then. I should rrrreally stop trying to post when FML is being retarded.

why would u get back with him? he was obviously an ex for a reason. that's your fault for giving him the opportunity to be an asshole

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in my eyes he treated you like one of his friends. idk if this is an FYL Or YDI because who knows why yall broke up, which is what i'd base my decision on either way ex's shouldn't date.

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I wouldn't send my friend home right before going to a party while I had getting supplies and talking about it all day while my friend was there. How mean.

WHY are you DATING your ex? He's your ex for a reason. Find some other guy to date!