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Nah, she wasn't scared. She was marking her territory. That lion would have gotten it's ass kicked if you didn't intervene.

good thing you aren't a parent then. since becoming a parent I've been peed on, pooped on, vomited on, and used as a human Kleenex. Just kinda goes with the job. especially when the kid is sick


that's not that bad, wait till you have kids... it happens sometimes

Thankfully that hasn't happened to me yet:)

well it could have been worse. you could have dropped her over the edge...

Damn OP buy some good diapers. Or just use your shirt for diapers.

cup. op wouldnt be putting the diapers on the child? its just his neice...

rawr it's not op's kid... not her responsibility to buy the diapers... and even with the most absorbant diapers my son always peed too fast for them and it would leak through

thankyou, roho, for repeating what i just said incase others missed it.

If I see that my niece needs better diaper I go buy them. I love her to death<3

todo your comment wasn't up when I put mine up

I agree that thus really isn't an FML... Kids pee through diapers all the time. OP is lucky it wasn't poop. That happens a lot too. :/

yeah rodeoqueen, my daughter does that a lot!

ha, you got peed on

buddy were you the one that peed on OP. And I never got to thank you for standing up for me:)

yes and it would definately have been an "accident" after what the neice did :-P

dropping the neice over the edge to be with the lions my bad iPod is slightly fail

well done lion, and well done niece. ;)

can't think of a good comment for this fml

btw, well done shirts.

Punt it into the lion cage.

and then RKelly awoke and thought to himself it was a quite pleasant dream.

50- stop touching yourself.

my bro peed on my moms chest when she was changing his diaper once ahahaha whn I was reading the beginning parts i thought it was going to say that you dropped her in or something hahaha but that's like impossible . . .

I was scared that that's what happened.

you deserved it. dumbass.

Uh how did OP deserve this?

yikes. that sucks. time to change diapers ((:

lmfao I'd be pissed

I see what you did there o.O

Awww, :( You were trying to be nice haha

she looks like that Internet famous sence chick. I forgot her name.

Haha aww. I feel sorry for both you and your niece!

Aww it's not that bad. My 1 year old niece always pees on me. Not purposely but still. it's ok

haha that sucks mann

Nah, she wasn't scared. She was marking her territory. That lion would have gotten it's ass kicked if you didn't intervene.