By Blondie - 05/05/2011 20:01 - Lebanon

Today, I was trying to convince a friend that even though I'm blonde, I'm not the oblivious or stupid moron everyone apparently thinks I am. Then I smacked face-first into a glass door. FML
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apparently you ARE an oblivious and stupid blonde


its not your fault OP. you're blonde

They say stereotype is ignorance. Of course we stereotype from what the majority of the race does. Don't blame racists, blame yourselves.

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wow nice going ... i bet that was funny as *** ahaha ... ur a dumb blonde ...

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She probably was an ass and set that one up for ya

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"It's all just a stereoty--" OW! ahh shittt.

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I can relate. I'm totally a dumb blonde. I'm book smart but not street smart... literally. I can't even cross a street w/o help all the time. I'm just oblivious haha

I sure hope nobody runs you over with a car sometime in the near future... Just remember to look both ways(:

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yeah and hopefully I don't hit anyone when I'm the one driving. driving scares the crap outa me. especially when I'm with my dad. but I love it anyways (:

Just cruise around at like 15 mph, I'm sure you won't hit anybody! unless if you have turtle reflexes...

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I actually have lightning reflexes. and nooo I like going fast!! besides going slow is dangerous.

it's a great way to cause a scene! But on the other hand, 30 pissed off drivers behind you might start s riot. That's a problem haha

132 go creep on underage girls elsewhere

why are there haha's in your conversation? i saw nothing worth hahaing at

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he's not that much older than me...

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actually he's only 5 months older than me. same school year. why? how old do I look?!

actually I thought you looked his age at first but you do look your age.

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good lol. I sure hope I don't look younger than my age. xD

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Wow. That had to be the most boring conversation I've ever read. You two, sir and madame, FAIL.

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I can't not do what I've already done. Way to fulfill the stereotype there.

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I'm not going to lie....this has myself written all over it. The funniest part you ask? I have black hair..... so here's proof that anyone can be a walking moron...

It makes me angry when people truly think blondes are dumb. :/

apparently you ARE an oblivious and stupid blonde

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well at least she proved something

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LOL @ 20! 15: obviously not all...

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seriously? we've all done that at one point in our lives.

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20 can't spell you correctly and added an unnecessary punctuation. Blonde stereotype: confirmed.

56 I know how to spell you and obviously the full stop was a ******* typo. go die now you malevolent try hard.

go look up malevolent in the dictionary you 15 year old oxygen stealer

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maybe the "you" was a typo as well? how is that any different? just sayin'

i'm sorry 58 but writing long words doesn't make you smart( i'm not saying you are dumb, one of my best friends is blond and is as well one of the smartest people i know) if so all germans are smart because they use words like Fullfederhaltertinte tu describe writing ink( yes i speak german... and spanish too) or the spanish parangaricutirimicuaro which is a place in mexico. my point is... that words do not tell someone who is smart and who isn't, how you use them, however, makes the diference ps: please if you find grammar mistakes do tell thank you

ugh. I didn't use it because it is a "long word" you turd. how often do you see it getting used it is uncommon hence why I told him to look jt up. do you want a medal for speaking different languages? none of what you just said related to any of this what so ever.

rallets I have no idea how you keep slipping through the cracks and keep getting back on here

rallets 22

he was saying that just cause you use big words doesnt make you better than anyone else. nor does insulting anyone who tries to explain their side :/ p.s. like i said, im immortal :D ive slipped through many a cracks ;) lmfao

no your not immortal. you are like a stinky lingering fart. annoying foul and won't **** off :)

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just like immortality :D speaking of stinky lingering farts, god those tacos were a bad idea. way to celebrate cinco de mayo, right? :P

79 chill a little, all the comments so far with exception for the one before me have an insult written in them, if you want to make a point insulting someone doesn't help, it just makes you look angry without a real reason i never insulted you nor attacked you, so please do take a chill pill and act like the intelligent person you claim to be. ps : i'm still learning english so any mistakes, please be kind enough to point them out

meh 89 I'll cop that on the chin. stereotypes piss me off. hence the anger plus rallets doesn't help that

rallets 22

im just here to mediate :)

**** can anyone else smell something?

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im telling you, its those tacos i had!! not to mention the tamales and tequila, ahh these mexicans sure know how to party :D

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Its funnier when you guys argue on here, than the fml.

rallets is full of win and leeshxx if you want me to get back on track and say something that has to do with the fml, i will. you get mad and feel bad because of a blonde joke, but how do you think mexicans feel when we are discriminated just because of our ethnicity??, how do you think we feel we hear that a little kid was killed at the border by one of your borderpolicemen??, hell how do you think any minority feels when their son gets burned alive by the kkk or gets beaten to death by the neonazis?? correct me if i'm wrong but a blonde is almost a princess amongst these to organization. blondes don't have the republicans against them, but don't go around telling a blonde joke because that bothers them. you do not know how easy you have it. so don't insult people because they made a joke about your hair color, because people get killed or are treated as second class citizens because of their skin color

and i agree with you stereotypes get me mad too

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there's nothing wrong with dumb blondes. were just blonde and have no street smarts! :)

144, your'e a crazy alcoholic rainbow pig

I don't think OP is a blonde, "Oblivious" is too big a word for blondes to use.

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ahahahaaa 149 you made my day!!!

149-you are a riot. you're also a radioactive penguin-donkey.

161- Oh, really? I was blonde before I dyed my hair like this, and I was, and still am VERY SMART and probably have a stronger vocabulary than you will ever have.

75,84,89... nvm the numbering Tona01.. You talk too much. Serious. Haha OP i know how ya feel XD and nice one 144 lol

Haha, Fail!!!(: FYL! it happens to me too though.... and I am a natural brunette:D aha!

YDI for trying to defy the laws of nature.

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Im sure many people have done 1 dumb thing with glass by not seeing it. She just did it at the worst time.

really bad timing even though you probably aint that stupid

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i like the way you said not "THAT stupid" haha as in hinting she owns stupidity, just not so much of it :)

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That's what happens to blondes when they try to walk and talk at the same time.

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I know a blonde that has to chew gum in order to keep her balance and to avoid crashing into things

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why is she even trying to walk out a door? get back in the god damn kitchen

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It's okay, we all have our blonde days. Oh wait, you're blonde everyday.

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I love being a natural blonde; that way I can just blame all of my dumbass moments on my hair colour.