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Today, I put on a lacy dress with nothing underneath and walked nonchalantly into the living room. My husband took one look at me, let out a heavy sigh and said "right now?" FML
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what a good man, you should keep him

When women want it, men are supposed to jump and when men want it, women can conveniently have a headache or something... is that it? Once again, it is all about the women...


what a good man, you should keep him

one of the many reasons I don't want to get married...fyl

Dump him like yesterday's trash! ^^

Wtf...this is her husband were talking about. All he did was not want to have sex. I don't consider this even an fml, let alone grounds to end a marriage. Freaking 13 yr olds giving relationship advice on the Internet.

Well maybe it means that he didn't marry her as much for her looks but maybe for other reasons. Like blowjobs.

I guess lace doesn't turn him on. Or maybe you don't.

When women want it, men are supposed to jump and when men want it, women can conveniently have a headache or something... is that it? Once again, it is all about the women...

yes, yes it is (:

Of course, the irony is that sex is a great painkiller, and would actually help with the problem of the headache.

The thing is, a lot of men will tell you that all you have to do is say you want sex, now... or just start jerking him off, or wear something sexy. I think it's a lot of talk (not a lot of men want to admit they're not always in the mood, perhaps it's some sort of Man Code that makes them feel like a lesser being). It's very frustrating. I'm a woman, with a much higher sex drive than most men I've met. Much like tv comedy shows where men start trying different things to get their wives in the mood (dinner, flowers, etc), I start trying different things, and each guy will say something different like "All you have to do is ____________" It ain't so. Men and women are sexually complex.

I accept that challenge!

Actually, the reason we do it is because we have to keep up the "man = sex hungry beast with a penis for a brain" image people (especially women) have bestowed upon us. If I'm not in the mood, I'll usually say it, but then she'll usually make some stereotypical comment about how guys are always in the mood...

In her defense, most guys -are- in the mood all the time, or at least anytime I want something (which is about average - not too much, not too little). Hell, it usually even goes beyond how much I want! I realize we're all human and we all have our "off" and "on" days, but there's just something about men coincidentally being in the mood 99% of the time.

Agree with that. Wtf?! If they're in the mood and we aren't then they're pissed. If we're in the mood and they aren't, the STILL get pissed. FOL?

It's like every 1 time a woman wants to it's 7 times for men. An unfair ratio to blast woman for having a headache after the thrud time this morning.

dude. it's ALWAYS about/up to/because/for/dependent on the women

18 I agree I have a higher sex drive then my fiancé and he calls me annoying when I get horny and ask for attention but when he wants some thing I need to stop what I'm doing and pleasure him.

I feel bad for that guy... he's missing out... I feel bad for that girl... she's missing out...

What was he watching on tv at the time?

This is exactly what I was thinking.

bet it was RENO 911. I love that show

ahah me too!

Never a problem in my house!! I'm always ready!

He was probably busy with something you're not telling us about and you wanted to see if you can control him. YDI.

Nah, his other woman just tired him out.

Stupid Ugly Texan WHORE

Because no woman has ever not been in the mood.