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Today, after a heated debate with my friend on whether blondes are naturally stupid, I convinced her that I'm actually quite intelligent, and poured myself a glass of juice in victory. After finishing the glass, instead of returning the bottle back to the refrigerator, I put it in the cupboard. FML
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On a serious note, anyone can be stupid, regardless of their hair color.

Are you suggesting that being absent-minded means you're dumb? Maybe you really are dumb.


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Haha, typical "blond moment."

no blondes are not stupid, fat blondes are gosh.

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Blonde* #1. dont be such a grey head.

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Geez. What is it with you and the "fat jokes" ??? Grow up a little. I'm pretty sure no one on this site appreciates your comments.

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16, I'm pretty sure blond can be spelled it either way. I prefer it spelled with an e but I believe without an e is the proper way to spell it.

I've Googled it for you. "The words blond and blonde come from the French and follow somewhat the French pattern. Blond (without the e) is used to describe males. Blonde refers to women or female gender. In modern use, blond is sometimes used for female as well as male, but blonde is preferred for female."

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redbluegreen, Thank you! Now I know. :) Lol

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Anyone can do this. I'm a brunette and I've done it before. It's not like you don't know it doesn't go there.

I bet op's skin is orange. hangs around fat chicks. etc

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blondes aren't stupid, but they can be, like everyone else.

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Blonde joke in the workings here.

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mrfruits... I appreciate your comments... haha jk

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when I was in hs I had this argument on more than one occasion. one girls rebuttle shocked me though. she actually said "didn't you know that the reason blondes are dumb is because they all have at least one hair touching their brain?". true story.

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hglielad_720 why do u even talk just look at ur picture. your forehead is huge and you look like your 10

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Totally agree with 36, this has happened to me. It's not that I think it goes there i'm just distracted by something else and I put things in random places.

Don't get too butt-hurt if it's a world-wide opinion, cause shit like this happens!

I do stuff like this ALL the time, but with milk from cereal.

Ha ha I embrace my blondness. That way what I have a "blonde moment" I can actually blame it on being blonde. And yes, the carpet matches the drapes lol

I'm blonde and I have a GPA of 3.87 and I got a 31 on my ACT. Just saying.

guckylynn 19

179 being intellectually intelligent and smart aren't the same thing. That's where most blonde jokes come in. As for putting things back in the wrong place she probably got the cup out last and was talking while putting away the juice so her mind replayed where the last thing she took goes which was the juice cupboard.

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WAIT --- Since when do people drink "victory juice?" Am I the only one who realized how really weird this is?

thats ok. i put milk in the cabinet and didnt find out till the next morning. lol

Are you suggesting that being absent-minded means you're dumb? Maybe you really are dumb.

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On a serious note, anyone can be stupid, regardless of their hair color.

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I was merely stating a fact, no need to be a douche.

Newsflash! Anyone can be stupid! FML comment section cited as example! More at 11!

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Nope, actually I'm pretty old here...... :)

Ayame- neither the "Doc" nor the "Bastard" is exaggerated.

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Lol when I said I was old here, I was kidding. I'm not very new but I was unaware that I'm not suppose to aggravate KaySL (or whatever their name is.) Thanks for the advice though.

First time I've heard of this KaySL. o.O Sounds like a douche.

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Well now I know who you are. :)

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It's nice to meet you too. :D

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It's nice to meet you too. :D

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KaySL, you sound like a decent person in this world of morons, why did you make that bitchy comment?

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Yeah, KSL pretty much has been here a long time. I haven't seen them comment in a while on here. I guess they used up their sick days lol

KiddNYC1O 20
KiddNYC1O 20

Disregard comment 104 lol Yeah, KSL, I can't believe you remember lol. I didn't want to lose that username either so I just added a zero at the end. Worked out fine lol.

hahafylop 4

Ok glad to know that you didn't mean it KaySL.

Ohmigod, who let KaySL out of her cage? Run, villagers!

KiddNYC1O 20

Pendatic usually keeps me locked away for your protection, Kidd. Not cos he cares but because he hates the clean up.

You must be, rbg. You're the only sane one around.

Me? Sane? I've never heard that one before. -sharpens pitchfork-

I dunno, just felt like posting it. Chicken face.

Damn, the butter didn't work. Keep running, villagers! There's two of 'em now!

Whoa, hold up there, Foe. Did you say butter? Is there toast for that butter to be spread all up over?

KiddNYC1O 20

Yeah, can't pass up on cookies. Macadamia?=O

KiddNYC1O 20

129 No one, I'm combining random words you pineapple mouth.

Ooh, I love doing that. Probably my favorite is **** bubble. >_> Darren, you're such a peanut butter cookie!

No, but I rather like dick blister. I'll be sure to call someone that sometime soon. :D

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3 - I'm brunette and you have no idea how many times I've done this lol.

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YDI for even getting in a "heated debate" over something so trivial.

Absolutely agree. If your friend was implying that you're stupid, she may have a point. Arguing against a ridiculous "fact" and thinking a mental slip proves you are dumb are signs of a less than superb intellect.

trying putting the kettle back in the fridge ;) think we've all done it, but it doesn't make us dumb :)

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XD you stupid blonde. that is why women should not be treated as equal as men. they belong in the kitchen!

Anyone that seriously thinks a hair colour affects one's intelligence is very uneducated in biology or anatomy, and/or is extremely immature. I'd love to hear your friends side of the story and hear him/her explain exactly how it is that a human would think with their hair.

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wow look how many fancy words you used and ur profile picture is blonde that must mean blondes are pretty smart then especially you boy am I impressed

uhhh she didn't use very fancy words ...I was them daily and I'm a young teenager.

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actually we don't know a lot about how genes can effect other genes and how genes that are not activated react to activate other genes so there is a scientific possibility that people with a physical characteristic ,eg. hair color, could be more likely to be more intelligent... or less.

There's a difference between a blonde moment and being stupid all the time.

hahafylop 4

Yeah. I am a male an I once put my cereal in the fridge and milk in the pantry it was embarrassing.

Are you a bottle blonde, though? If so, the dye went to your head. It's not your fault.

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Wow, a blond moment right there. Don't worry about it, it happens.