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Today, my identical twin sister got in trouble for sneaking out of the house to see her boyfriend. My father decided to ground both of us, because it would be "too confusing" for him otherwise. FML
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OP's dad has failed in parenting.........

Punch her in the face so that the bruise can distinguish her from you.


awww that really stinks. I hope she apologized!

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whoops...I meant... your own dad can't tell the difference?? sadd! haha

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her dad is actually smart. he is punishing her in order to prevent her from ever going out and getting pregnant. parenting at it's finest

Punch her in the face so that the bruise can distinguish her from you.

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he should put those twin bands doctors put on twins when they're born to separate the other from the other.

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dude. you sound way too Christian. not everything leads to pregnancy.

That sucks!! Sorry, to hear that!! Hopefully you seek out next time... pay back!!!

That sucks do something worse and bring her down with you >xD haha payback!

ye I agree because this type of painting prevents "16 and pregnant" from happening

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Anyone else thing the world would be better without religious nutjobs?

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70, your an idiot. you can be an athiest and think everything leads to pregnancy. I dislike the stereotypes for Christians.

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95, no, but it might be better without the religion hating nutjobs.

^^ life would actually be better without any nutjobs. period.

#67 lmao love ur pic & love that commercial

perfectly said 59. perfectly said.

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92, How can painting prevent "16 & Pregnant" from happening?

159, I assume he meant parenting, but maybe he is as ignorant with spelling as he is with parenting ideas.

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Hey at least you werent the one who got blamed alone. now that would have sucked.

Just do something 10 times worse and she will suffer as well. Take her down with you. If anything, you will have a fun story to tell when you are both older.

it was her sisters total fault, though. if you had an identical twin and she cheated on a test, would you be suspended too? and that sux FYL

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How can tour parents not tell which kid is which unless your parents are neglecting you or always drunk or your ' twin' is a clone this is probably fake

Damn! That is effed up! But... hilarious, lol.

Shiiit if I was her i'd go do something bad, they'd both get blamed, then their even

OP's dad has failed in parenting.........

I thought parents could tell the difference between identical twins due to personality and mannerisms. So extra fail.

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you can tell twins apart if you watch them on tv long enough :/

Or moaning sounds, and or small penises.

oh my god that sucks so much! I feel so bad for you! this is a true FML!

#6 u sound like a preppy cheerleader

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192 maybe 6 is a preppy cheerleader...

or she wants people to think that so she can hook up with someone over the Internet...

The stereotype for cheerleaders being a hot right away is stupid.

Look at the bright side: you get to bond with your lovely sister!

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I feel your pain :( Being a twin can suck.

yeah it stinks being a twin.. it stinks like the bottom of a monkey

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With twins, especially identical, they look almost exactly the same....There is no "ugly twin".

Not true! I went to high school with a set of fraternal twin guys. One of them was one of the hottest guys in school, and the other looked like a catfish.

Fraternal twins only look as much alike each other as regular siblings. Sure, sometimes they can look almost exactly the same (Olson twins), but I look a LOT like one of my sisters who is 10 years apart from me.

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I guess that's true. Fraternal twins can also look identical though. I've never met a set of twins where one of them was hideous.

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Yeah, you should get revenge. Punch her in the face causing a black eye. That way you can get her back for putting you in the predicament you are in as well as getting yourself out. I'm sure your dad will be able to tell the difference then.

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