Didn't see ya there

By stillhurting - 05/01/2014 21:45 - Canada - Langley

Today, I was at a baby shower with my wife. I went to go outside for some fresh air, but walked straight into their glass sliding door. Everyone stared at me. I smiled with embarrassment and walked back over to my wife, only to trip over my own feet and faceplant the floor. FML
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Wow... Today is really not your day.

You should learn to crawl before you walk.


Wow... Today is really not your day.

And depending on how hard he hit his head, tomorrow probably won't be either.

Hey at least the glass didn't break.. That's a plus right?

I think the unborn baby is gonna learn to walk before he does! sorry OP

Damn those Pigeons and the windex...

Of course it wasn't his day.

I walked into a door this morning...

You should learn to crawl before you walk.

And learn to walk before you run.

Was it mean of me to actually laugh at this? So sorry to hear about that, OP! Perhaps, you can pass this story on to your child! :)

Why would it be mean to laugh? You don't know this person, and fml is made for laughs anyway.

Laugh it off! Shame it wasn't caught on camera ;-)

It was captured on FML though, which may or may not be worse.

If it's actually worse, he might as well post a new FML about it

Must've been using windex

No bueno!! But it made me giggle :)

What happened next? Your wife started laughing at you?