By sad - 05/05/2011 14:40 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered that my new boyfriend is the type of guy who, when there is a conflict, will just scream "I LOVE YOU" over and over hoping that it will solve itself instead of actually trying to work the problem out. FML
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Have you tried prescribing him a heavy dose of man-the-**** up?

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OP- "honey, there are women's undergarments that I don't recognize in your car. Care to explain?" OP's boyfriend- "I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU"


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I do that and it always works.

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yuppers works like a charm... hubby gets so pissed that he can't continue the argument. problem solved!

yuppers works like a charm... hubby gets so pissed that he can't continue the argument. problem solved!

If by problem solved you mean festering resentment and unresolved issues, then congrats!

I do it too! i only do it cause I hate to fight especially over dumb shit!

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Only if she screams "I LOVE YOU TOO" back at him.

whether they say it back or not... they usually stop talking to you :)

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it's a very effective way to end a argument, not a very effective way to end a fight....

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um... just saying, your scream mask turns me on;)

Have you tried prescribing him a heavy dose of man-the-**** up?

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I'm guessing he hopes the argument will turn into make up sex.

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lol i kno alot of ppl who need some of that

I know several people who could use this...

Well, you can try to talk to him unless you're the type of girl who dumps her boyfriend the minute you find a flaw.

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She is trying to talk to him.

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it sounds like you just got dumped by your girlfriend

looks like hes single for tha night(;

I have to say, not being willing to talk about grievances in a relationship is a helluva flaw and I would not expect anyone to put up with that. Communication is key in a relationship

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lmao I'm still laughing I am picturing this guy head his ears eyes shut just screaming I love u

Ah the ol' I love you line! Never fails to defuse an argument, he's obviously well educated in the art of relationships!

ahaha sounds like something i would do

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Damn it! I just bought these pens! If you so much as pucker your lips at them, boii, you will be sorry. *Runs off to inject poison into the ink of my pens*

why do all my comments get negitive votes??? ): am i really that unlikable???

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lol I get negative votes too. fml is a bunch of haters! jk... sorta

dont worry... they only hate on the kool people (:

Yeah gayboii, keep telling yourself that. You could always, oh I don't know, start a new account that isn't inexorably linked to pen fellatio?

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a lecture on maturity from someone who just said "LOLOLOL"?

LOLOLOLOL IM MATURE TOO!... now wheres my mommy I gotta change my diaper.*******+idiot

1. My post was not directed towards you... 2.My post was a purely aesthetic, and satirical form of your post. Deliberately changed to try to make a point. Easy there big guy.

And feeling the need to say that I look up to myself and worship myself or boasting about my physical appearance on my profile is an EXTREMELY better method. You guys are smart...

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I don't believe that's not your real photo, boners. You're the only one with a photo of Bin Laden's death.

I'm an orange, that's a key, there's an emo clown on TV

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You might want to: a) try to talk to him about it so he can see that talking it out is better or b) end it now.

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a) "I love you." b) Because that is so much more mature.