By sad - 05/05/2011 14:40 - United Kingdom

Today, I discovered that my new boyfriend is the type of guy who, when there is a conflict, will just scream "I LOVE YOU" over and over hoping that it will solve itself instead of actually trying to work the problem out. FML
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Have you tried prescribing him a heavy dose of man-the-fuck up?

OP- "honey, there are women's undergarments that I don't recognize in your car. Care to explain?" OP's boyfriend- "I love you, I love you, I love you, I LOVE YOU"


I do that and it always works.

love will always prevail

Haha, it does. :)

yuppers works like a charm... hubby gets so pissed that he can't continue the argument. problem solved!

yuppers works like a charm... hubby gets so pissed that he can't continue the argument. problem solved!

If by problem solved you mean festering resentment and unresolved issues, then congrats!

I do it too! i only do it cause I hate to fight especially over dumb shit!

says "iianalove" lol.

Baha, does it work? :O

Only if she screams "I LOVE YOU TOO" back at him.

whether they say it back or not... they usually stop talking to you :)

it's a very effective way to end a argument, not a very effective way to end a fight....

um... just saying, your scream mask turns me on;)

I love you Jenny

Have you tried prescribing him a heavy dose of man-the-fuck up?

I'm guessing he hopes the argument will turn into make up sex.

lol i kno alot of ppl who need some of that

I know several people who could use this...

Well, you can try to talk to him unless you're the type of girl who dumps her boyfriend the minute you find a flaw.

She is trying to talk to him.

Someone's bitter!

it sounds like you just got dumped by your girlfriend

looks like hes single for tha night(;

bitches are cruel man

I have to say, not being willing to talk about grievances in a relationship is a helluva flaw and I would not expect anyone to put up with that. Communication is key in a relationship

lol sounds like a keeper...

so was your dads condom.

lmao I'm still laughing I am picturing this guy head his ears eyes shut just screaming I love u

Ah the ol' I love you line! Never fails to defuse an argument, he's obviously well educated in the art of relationships!

ahaha sounds like something i would do

boners its been to long babe

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why do all my comments get negitive votes??? ): am i really that unlikable???

lol I get negative votes too. fml is a bunch of haters! jk... sorta

dont worry... they only hate on the kool people (:

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a lecture on maturity from someone who just said "LOLOLOL"?

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And feeling the need to say that I look up to myself and worship myself or boasting about my physical appearance on my profile is an EXTREMELY better method. You guys are smart...

I am very proud of you.

I don't believe that's not your real photo, boners. You're the only one with a photo of Bin Laden's death.

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ahaha sucks for you

You might want to: a) try to talk to him about it so he can see that talking it out is better or b) end it now.

a) "I love you." b) Because that is so much more mature.