By blondie - / Tuesday 24 March 2009 23:10 / Australia
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By  bioclock  |  0

That's like the time I was talking to a really hot guy at the ski slopes, and he asked if I'd skied a lot. I said, "Not a lot, but I'm pretty good at it." Maybe 20, 30 feet down from the lift I lost my balance on a bump and broke my arm...right in front of him.

Wondering why the hell you were screaming at him. If that was part of convincing him that you're not a dumb blonde, then I'm sorry, but you're certainly going about it the wrong way.

By  brooke33_fml  |  0

haha if hes calling you a dumb blonde to begin with he most likely has a good reason..
and by tripping and hitting your head on a wall you just proved his point.
i must agree that you are indeed a dumb blonde..
and may i ask who the hell yells at the top of their lungs because someone said they were a dumb blonde
you obviously didnt get your point across.

By  whitey_fml  |  0

it's only a myth that if you say something real loud, it becomes more true.

dont take it so seriously.
dumb blonde jokes and the like are NOT worth getting that upset.

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