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Today, my mom spelled my name with all lowercase letters. When I asked her why she wrote it like that, she got pissed and snapped back, "Capitals are for people who amount to something." FML
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Your mom sucks. Notice mom is lowercased.

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It doesn't matter where it is in a sentence, if it's possessive, it's lowercase. You could say "You suck, Mom." And be correct. Because "Mom" is not preceded by "my", "your", or any other possessive.

who cares if mom's capitalized. the only thing we should be concerned about right now is the fact that his mom is a major asshole.

15- Really ? It was suppose to be a joke. Hence the me pointing out the lowercase. Had If know the moms name I would have used that. Thanks for the input though. :) 19- Damn, I feel like I just went to class, but I honestly just relearned something. Kudos. Internet cookie to you my grammatical guru.

I just wanted to shut 15 up for "correcting" someone with wrongness. Hopefully he has fun with "wrongness" now.

Yeah, it's only capitalized if it's replacing a name as in "Go ask Mom if she will be home soon." It has nothing to do with possession you could say "All of the moms were cheering for their kids at the sporting event," and it would not be capitalized

Dear, dear #15. Not everything on this blog should be taken literally. You missed the point.

Let's say it together..."symbolism"! Look it up...

When "mom" is used in place of her name, it takes the place of a proper noun, therefore earning a capital letter. When used as "my mom" it is just a noun, therefore undeserving of a capital letter.

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I know right! OP tell your mom that all names are with capslock!

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Just letters? Is that why people is caps lock so much?

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damn that's harsh OP don't listen to her and make yourself everything you want to be

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She's just helping you set high life goals!

Not just one even. One less Mothers Day gift. One less birthday gift. One less christmas gift. Cards too. She's a disgrace to motherhood.

"Hey my mum told me I don't amount to much. I guess it's time to break all contact and never talk to her again. What scum."

Use this moment as an incentive to something great and prove her wrong

Are you sure that wasn't my mom dressing up as your mom for Halloween?