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  Axipiter  |  24

It doesn't matter where it is in a sentence, if it's possessive, it's lowercase. You could say "You suck, Mom." And be correct. Because "Mom" is not preceded by "my", "your", or any other possessive.

  devildog562  |  33

15- Really ? It was suppose to be a joke. Hence the me pointing out the lowercase. Had If know the moms name I would have used that. Thanks for the input though. :)
19- Damn, I feel like I just went to class, but I honestly just relearned something. Kudos. Internet cookie to you my grammatical guru.

  Ilikepie82479  |  20

Yeah, it's only capitalized if it's replacing a name as in "Go ask Mom if she will be home soon." It has nothing to do with possession you could say "All of the moms were cheering for their kids at the sporting event," and it would not be capitalized

  Vegetarian27  |  24

When "mom" is used in place of her name, it takes the place of a proper noun, therefore earning a capital letter. When used as "my mom" it is just a noun, therefore undeserving of a capital letter.