By Anonymous - 18/05/2009 12:40 - United Kingdom

Today, I was telling my mother about my earrings hurting my ears. I had a cut on my ear close to the piercing and she thought that I had mistaken the cut for the opening, and said (as we walked past a car full of men), "Well of course it hurts when you put it in the wrong hole!". FML
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WTF MOM!?!?! Moms always say shit at the wrong time...


WTF MOM!?!?! Moms always say shit at the wrong time...

It probably made the men in the car hot for your mom, not you!

ur a failure hahaha I'm still laughing at u


omg #1 just made my day(:

It would have been more awesome if a guy had then walked up to you and introduced himself.

If it was the crush... Typical highschool scenario... She's lucky she didn't know any of them...

haha! That sucks. FYL

that's what she said.

that's what he said, BITCH

That's what both said

Not an FML. Oh no. You were briefly embarrassing. Get over it.

It's funny. It messes someone's day up. It qualifies. Sheesh.

Oh no. You were momentarily embarrassed. Not an FML.

That's 90% of the site...